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Manassas, VA. – Awards are given out to mark accomplishments, but so are trophies. Many wonder how can one tell which would be most appropriate when it comes to recognizing an accomplished individual. Award Crafters, experts in personalized awards in Manassas, VA as well as trophies, is offering their community some guidelines in knowing when to preset each. They understand the difficulties that come along with deciding what should be presented to the person of honor.

The answer to whether a trophy or award is most appropriate in each situation is dependent on the type of accomplishment being recognized. Trophies are typically presented after an individual or team has won a contest. A contest refers to an event with a competitive environment with high stakes to win. This could be anything from a sales competition between employees to a game of soccer. Simply put, a trophy is a good choice if the accomplishment being recognized was a one-time occurrence with clear criteria defining the winner.

Awards, on the other hand, should be presented if the accomplishment being recognized is comprised of a set of positive actions that took place over a long period of time. In other words, an award is not typically given for a clear-cut, one-time victory; it is given for a less defined accomplishment that took a long time in the making. An example of this could be a department director of a non-profit organization whose hard work has significantly increased the organization’s success in the past year. There was no contest or defined competition previously implemented. The head of the organization simply wants to recognize the individual for working hard during the year and making many wise decisions that benefited the company– a set of positive actions.

Keep in mind that these are only guidelines, the company says. They are not hard and fast rules. There are some situations where it does not make sense to give the winners of a contest a trophy, so they are presented with some type of award instead. Simply use these guidelines as a base while making the decision.

When it comes to award ceremonies or other accomplishment-driven events, Award Crafters understands the importance of choosing the perfect item to present the accomplished individuals with. Award Crafters offers a wide selection of award options, as well as customized trophies. For more information, give them a call today at (703) 818-0500 or visit them online at


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