Recently Posted Choice Men's Health Blog Brings Attention to “What is PE?”

Atlanta, GA-based Choice Men's Health is a men's health clinic that is rated among the best in its area when it comes to helping men improve their sexual health. Part of the clinic's popularity is due to the more personalized nature of its treatments. This clinic has also made it a point to help better inform men that are experiencing certain types of sexual dysfunction as to what options are available to overcome them. One of the ways Choice Men's Health does this is by routinely posting informational blog articles on its website. The clinic's most recent blog tackled the sensitive subject of premature ejaculation (PE). It discusses in-depth what premature ejaculation is and how a professional PE treatment gives them the best chance to overcome this condition.

A spokesperson for the clinic says, "We have been helping men improve their sexual health for many years now. That means we are well aware of the sensitive nature that accompanies someone who is experiencing some form of sexual disfunction. That's one of the reasons why we enjoy posting our informational blogs. They are full of very useful information on specific types of sexual dysfunctions, what causes them, and the ways they can be treated. We feel they are a great way to bridge the gap between someone being hesitant to seek help for a sexual health problem and getting someone to actively seek treatment for it. Our latest blog on 'What is PE?" is a perfect example of this."


This newly posted Choice Men's Health blog article started by stating that they realize that someone sitting down to talk to a health professional when they are experiencing premature ejaculation is not an easy conversation to have. It can be an embarrassing subject, and this is often why men try to overcome it on their own. Unfortunately, the vast majority of men cannot get over PE without some form of professional help. What makes it such an important conversation to have is that it not only affects the male in a relationship, but it impacts their partner greatly too. The article went on to describe premature ejaculation as a man ejaculating sooner than they would have liked during sexual activity. It was also mentioned that it's widespread and impacts 1 out of every 3 men at some point in their lives. Sporadic PE is nothing for someone to worry about, but when it happens regularly, then it becomes a concern. Men who always ejaculate within one minute of penetration can't delay ejaculation during intercourse all or nearly all of the time and feel so distressed and frustrated about this that they tend to avoid sexual intimacy altogether are the ones that can benefit the most by seeking professional PE treatments.

The Choice Men's Health blog went on to point out that both physical and psychological factors play a role in this type of sexual dysfunction, but if men can get over their hesitancy to talk about it, this condition is highly treatable. This includes applying anesthetic creams, getting behavioral and couples therapy, and practicing techniques during sexual intercourse that can help someone last longer before they ejaculate. It went on to describe some possible causes of PE as low serotonin levels, psychological issues (such as a history of sexual repression, depression, stress, guilt, and lack of confidence), and it can also be age-related or occur in conjunction with changes in erection strength. Methods to help treat it include stopping and starting when an organism is near, squeezing the head of the penis when ejaculation is near until the erection is lost, and doing certain exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The blog also made it clear that erectile dysfunction and PE are two very separate and distinct sexual health issues, and it also discussed how premature ejaculation is first diagnosed. This Choice Men's Health blog, which can be viewed in its entirety at, ended by saying that the medical professionals at their clinic have experienced great success with the PE treatments that they offer.

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