Recently Opened Gym in Van Nuys Enjoys Highly Positive Reception from Community

Strength Academy, which is based in Van Nuys, CA, is proud to announce that their recently opened private gym in Van Nuys has received a lot of positive reviews from the Van Nuys community in Los Angeles. The Strength Academy Gym and Recovery Club is suitable for those in the Van Nuys/ Sherman Oaks area who are looking for a gym with modern exercise equipment. This is a 2,000 square foot fitness club that can help people and their family members reach new levels of fitness. One of the key services offered by Strength Academy is the education of personal trainers, which means there would be no shortage of personal trainers in this particular private gym.

Natalia Lane, a spokesperson for Strength Academy Gym, says, “The Strength Academy is not another impersonal big-box gym. Nor is it like public gyms, letting anyone come and go. This fitness facility is one of the few in the area that boasts a private gym program, giving you the privacy of a home or garage fitness space, but with strength equipment and private personal trainers to provide you with a complete training program. Since one of the core services of the Strength Academy is the education of personal trainers, there’s no shortage of qualified private personal trainers, male and female to get you to next level fitness using effective routines based on science.”

Strength Academy Gym

This gym was designed with both the personal trainer and client in mind. Both personal trainers and clients are assured that they will have sufficient space for their training sessions through the use of a scheduling system and restriction of access to the facility floor by timed pass codes. This is the primary advantage of private gyms compared to public and commercial gyms. New members of the gym would be confident in increasing the weight they lift in the gym because of the presence of a trainer who can make sure that they are training properly. In contrast, commercial and public gyms don’t always have personal trainers available for clients. Improper use of exercise equipment can be dangerous if not used properly.

According to Strength Academy, their gym powered by Rogue Fitness, is a good place for personal trainers to conduct their business in providing basic training to their clients. Meanwhile, clients, especially first time trainees, can have a place free of distraction and they are assured of privacy, which means there would be no onlookers. The Strength Academy Gym still manages to stand out among the gyms in Los Angeles through the various unique touches that are not found in gyms in the area. For instance, the more costly and fancy gyms may appear to have it all, but if they are truly scrutinized, it will become evident that they are managed by people who really don’t care much about the clients and the trainers.

Those who have experienced training in the Strength Academy Gym have provided highly positive reviews. For instance, Devon S. has given them five stars and said, “Training here is the best. It is a friendly atmosphere and is surrounded with great energy. Whether you are a serious weight lifter, Olympic lifter, or a casual gym goer this is a great place to train. I personally like to Olympic lift and they have an awesome set up. You never have to worry about the awful crowds of a commercial gym or have to worry about someone being on the equipment you want to use. The equipment is top notch, better than most gyms I’ve been to and even has equipment that many gyms do not have. To top it off, the owner is friendly and extremely helpful. Definitely check this gym out.”

Strength Academy was founded with the mission of providing a hands-on, face-to-face program for new fitness professionals to provide them with guidance on how to pass the test to allow them to become a Certified Personal Trainer. The academic curriculum that they provide, when used in conjunction with practical application, equips the student with the requisite skills and knowledge for a personal trainer.

People who would like to learn more about the Strength Academy Gym in the Van Nuys area of Los Angeles can visit their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open 24 hours a day, every day of the week.


For more information about Strength Academy Gym, contact the company here:

Strength Academy Gym
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