Recent Roof.Net Glowing Review Comes with a Nice Bonus for the Company

Yet another satisfied Roof.Net customer has left a 5-star review on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing. This in itself is not surprising because of the high number of complimentary reviews that have been left on Roof.Net’s GMB Listing. What was surprising is the amount of additional work that came the company’s way because of how satisfied this customer was with the work that Roof.Net had done for him. This review can be seen here at

In the above mentioned 5-star review, Edward Cho says, “Ken's team is very fast and thorough. They were in and out in one day and left no traces of debris. I highly recommend ROOF.NET for any residential roof replacements.” One thing that Mr. Cho’s customer review did not mention is that he was so satisfied with the work that Roof.Net did for him, that he also recommended the company to several of his neighbors. Here is how Roof.Net owner Ken Briesemeister responded to Mr. Cho’s review, “I very much appreciate your 5-star review! Also, if it wasn’t for your great referrals, we never would have installed 7 new roofs for your neighbors' homes too! Have a Happy & Healthy New Year! Ken.”

Briesemeister acknowledged how important glowing reviews and customer referrals are to future business. He said he could spend many thousands of dollars on advertising trying to promote his company and not get the return on that investment that he gets with a single 5-star review or a customer referral to a friend or family member. It just gives him and his crews that much more incentive to satisfy every customer that they do work for. If someone needs further proof of that, they have to look no further than the Google Maps Business Listing Mr. Cho’s review was taken from. On that listing, averages an incredible 5 out of 5-star rating with well over 400 reviews being left on that site. That is rarified air for any type of company these days. Even on the company’s Facebook Page, which can be viewed here at, many satisfied customers have raved about’s services.

It was also not surprising that Mr. Cho’s 5-star review was left on a whole roof replacement. Briesemeister stated this task is definitely their go-to roofing specialty. The company is so good at doing it and comes so highly recommended, it’s mostly what Roof.Net is concentrating on now, except for doing warranty service and minor roof repairs for longtime customers. He says it’s the way that they approach this work that makes them so good at it. The job starts with a thorough inspection and accurate estimate so the customer gets no surprises when they get their final bill. On the first day on the job, they will remove the asphalt shingles or other roof covering and the underlayment too. The company owner says they will then do a secondary inspection to check the roof structure’s integrity. If all checks out well, they will then put down a new layer of insulating underlayment followed by a fresh layer of shingles or other roof covering. During this whole process they never cut corners and even the smallest details of the job remain important to them. He also added that no roofing task of theirs is ever considered complete until a thorough cleaning of the job site has taken place.

Mr. Cho is not the only customer who has been extremely satisfied with Roof.Net’s roof replacement work either. Michelle Son says, “Great experience working with Ken. He even honored the roof replacing quote that I had from two years ago. This is a company that truly values the relationships they have with their customers. On schedule, spotless service & cleaning, and the crew communicated everything well. Already referring Roof.Net to my friend and neighbors. I am so happy with this five-star service.”

Those who are interested in learning more about this company's roof replacement and other services can refer to the company website. Roof.Net’s Linked in Page, which is found at, also mentions the services that this company does and the cities and towns that they provide their roofing services in.


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