Recent Glowing Review Talks About a ‘Flawless’ Caperton Fertility Institute Experience

The Caperton Fertility Institute features a team of fertility experts that have a track record of helping couples that are struggling to get pregnant and become parents. It’s a great source of pride for those at this Albuquerque, NM, and El Paso, TX, clinic that has also led them to receive high praises in the form of reviews. Such was the case with a recent 5-star review that went as far as to describe their in-vitro fertilization experience with the Caperton Fertility Institute as ‘flawless’. Much of this clinic’s reputation was built by offering passionate care combined with advanced technology and proven success. This is also the reason why they have become New Mexico's leading fertility clinic.

In the above-mentioned review, Polly Anderson proclaimed, “Dr. Caperton and his entire staff are the best you will ever find in the infertility world. The Caperton Fertility Institute is run so flawlessly. If you want to experience the most caring and loving staff then come here. If you want to also experience the most organized and efficient institute then come here. My experience has been beyond exceptional and I am forever grateful to everyone at the Caperton Institute.”

Caperton Fertility Institute

5-star reviews such as this one have proven to be the norm for this reputable Albuquerque, NM, and El Paso, TX, fertility clinic. Here are some examples of other reviews that have also been highly complimentary of this clinic’s in-vitro fertilization-based (IVF) services:

Brittney Aldazabal wrote, “We are so thankful to Caperton fertility. After three years of struggling to conceive and failed attempts with other doctors, they were able to finally treat my condition. After just one IVF cycle I am now pregnant with my baby boy. The staff, especially Dr. Rachel and nurse Courtney, answered my every question and made me feel so comfortable. I couldn't be more thankful to the whole clinic for making my dreams come true. I highly recommend them.”

Kristen Beers stated, “There are no words that can express how grateful we are to the Caperton Fertility Institute! The whole team has helped us on our journey to become parents. Every step of the way through our IVF journey we were given the best and most advanced care. We just “graduated” and it’s bittersweet to leave. I would recommend them to anyone struggling with infertility. They gave us hope in the midst of our struggle and we are one step closer to holding our little miracle!”

The clinic’s spokesperson, Annemarie Henton, says, “The team at Caperton Fertility Institute is proud of the many glowing reviews that we get. But the real fulfillment for our team comes from taking care of patients and helping them conceive their miracles and become parents. It’s why everyone at our clinics work so hard to create an incredible patient experience and many, many success stories. We continue to integrate the most advanced IVF practices and technology to help our patients bring new life into the world.”

Henton went on to talk more about the in-vitro fertilization process. IVF is a process that involves removing a woman’s eggs from her ovary and then fertilizing it with sperm from a partner or donor. Once the fertilized egg transitions to the embryo stage, the embryo is then transferred to the female patient’s uterus (or a surrogate’s). Henton says that this process often enables women that have blocked, absent, or non-functioning fallopian tubes to have a baby from their own eggs; helps men and women with other fertility issues to conceive; helps people who do not have a partner to have their own children; provides an avenue for gay and lesbian couples to conceive; and allows people to donate eggs or sperm or serve as gestational carriers to help others achieve their dream of parenthood. IVF is a medical process that has been around since the 1970s and has resulted in an estimated one million-plus births. Several stages make up the in-vitro fertilization process, including ovarian stimulation using fertility medications, egg retrieval, fertilization/culture of the egg/embryo, embryo transfer, and birth. Recent advancements in IVF involve genetic testing, which enables the medical practitioners at the clinic to choose healthy embryos with the highest chance of success. The company spokesperson says that breakthrough techniques and technologies for IVF are leading to more healthy, live births than ever before.

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