Recent 5-star Review Adds to the Long List of Exceptional Reviews That Roof.Net Has Received

A recent 5-star review praising the services that Roof.Net provides comes as no surprise to those that follow them on their Google Maps Business Listing. It just added to the long list of exceptional reviews that can be found there. This is a huge source of pride for the company and it reflects just how much effort Roof.Net puts into their projects and how well they treat their customers while doing it. Those that want to see this new glowing review and others like it can go here to

In the above-mentioned review, Jason Nicole Czarnik writes, “After days of scouring the web and cross-referencing reviews with popular sites including BBB, I had multiple people come out and give me a quote on my roof. Of all the people I interacted with, Ken was the by far the best. Ken explains the entire process upfront and will not settle for low-quality parts or installation. He makes sure the job gets done right the first time. Due to rain in the forecast, Ken’s team started a day earlier than scheduled and completed ahead of schedule. I will not hesitate to use Ken’s services or recommend him to everyone I know. Ken always makes sure the customer comes first.” Currently, some 410 reviews have been left on Roof.Net’s services on their Google Maps Business Listing. When these reviews are averaged out, the company rates an incredible 5 out of 5-stars. That is uncharted territory for a service type business when it comes to the average rating on that many reviews.

Proud company owner, Ken Briesemeister, says, “I am committed to working hard to satisfy every customer that calls us and asks for roofing help. My crew is definitely on the same page with that and their effort on every roofing contract that we do is second to none. Despite all this, it still amazes me that we have a perfect 5-star rating on our Google Maps Listing after having received over 400 reviews there. That type of roofing work legacy is tough to maintain but we will continue to try and do that. Any customer that calls us for roofing help can rest assured that they will get nothing but our absolute best effort on that job.”

The company also likes to help its customers in other ways besides just doing great roofing work and providing exceptional customer service. An example of that is the informational roofing blogs that they often post on their website. The helpful topics that they post articles on include such things as ‘Home Maintenance Tips – 5 Ways Cleaning Your Roof Will Increase Its Lifespan’. That particular blog can be seen here at This article went on to talk about the different ways there are to clean a roof. That includes such things as low-pressure soft washing or spraying down a roof with a garden hose after cleaning solutions have been applied to it. In this blog, it also talked about how hard moss was to get rid of once it embeds itself in a roof covering. The article mentioned that’s the reason why someone might want to invest in ‘fungus resistant shingles’ the next time they put down a new layer of them.

At present, Roof.Net primarily focuses on whole roof replacements but Briesemeister says that he is willing to discuss with any customer the roof repairs they are interested in getting done. He stated there are occasional openings in their schedule for other types of roofing work. The company does inspections and estimates for free and they are a licensed and insured roofing company that is accredited with the BBB and DPOR. Roof.Net boasts over 45 years of experience in the business and has received over 20 prominent national awards over that period. For those that would like to know more about Roof. Net’s services or to read their informational blogs, Briesemeister says that all of that and more can be seen on the company’s website at


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