Realtron: We Buy Houses In Austin

Realtron, a real estate solutions and investment agency based in Austin, Texas, is pleased to inform their community that they offer direct home buying services. For more than 30 years, they have helped thousands of homeowners in nearby cities like Cedar Park and Round Rock cope up with debts and other financial emergencies. Learn more here: We Buy Houses.

As noted on their website, Realtron is aware that householders tend to encounter problems with managing distressed property. While the assets do have some value, most home buying companies are hesitant to purchase them due to poor housing quality. In fact, data from ATTOM Data Solutions shows that only 20-30% of Americans were able to sell such assets in 2019.

Realtron We Buy Houses Austin

Realtron recognizes the need to immediately purchase unneeded houses in order to compensate owners with sufficient funds. This will not only help them gain income during the COVID-19 pandemic but also settle their outstanding dues. Even if most distressed properties have less net value, the money will more often than not be enough to prevent foreclosure, mortgage and other financial difficulties.

As a result, Realtron is committed to paying for the homes they obtain at a reasonable price. The company’s website, at, shows that they can close a sale in as few as seven days. This effectively means that current homeowners are able to avoid a sudden decrease in market value just because they decide to put their homes for sale at a later date. Moreover, they are able to take action right before all of their possessions get liquidated and, at the same time, evade bankruptcy.

Unlike most real estate buyers, Realtron accepts houses of any condition, both good and bad. Distressed properties may be damaged due to fungi, termites and natural disasters like fires and hurricanes. They may also house compulsive hoarders, be used solely as vacation spots or be vacated due to divorce. Fortunately, Realtron is tolerant of such issues, and sees no problem in buying such properties. They are also sympathetic to the financial problems their clients face, such as unemployment, tenant complaints and even relocations and tax liens.

The company’s process also helps ensure that their customers will even get more money for every transaction than if they followed more conventional real estate proceedings. This is due to the fact that Realtron does not charge commissions nor payment like other third-party real estate agencies. Aside from that, they accommodate closing fees along with free repairs and pest removal. As a result, homeowners do not have to worry anymore about such burdensome and expensive cleaning services.

In addition to meeting the needs of property owners, Realtron also gives practical advice for those who have a hard time deciding whether to offer their properties for sale or not. The company primarily discourages sellers from negotiating with agents since they charge additional costs (ranging from 6-8%). Another disadvantage is that agents also have the right to inspect the property inquisition in order to assess its condition. This can delay a transaction by up to three months, and they may even back out if they find the property unappealing.

The value of services such as those provided by Cash Offer on House can be gleaned from the reviews they receive online from their customers. In a review proudly highlighted on Realtron’s website, Rosemarie Linville says, “I could not be more pleased—Jack really knows his stuff, and he was with us every step of the way. I highly recommend Jack and will definitely be giving him a call when the time comes for us to buy our next house.”

Those who need to sell their houses and clear their debts on an immediate basis may connect with Realtron via Homeowners may discuss the details about their distressed property and schedule an appointment for property viewing as well at this stage. Once the agency has surveyed the home and presented a carefully evaluated cash offer, sellers have the freedom to decide whether to accept or decline. If they wish to accept the offer, then they may determine the closing date of the transaction.

More information on selling a house fast to Realtron can be found on the company’s website. Sellers and other interested parties may also connect with the company via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


For more information about Realtron, contact the company here:

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