Real Estate Postcards Website Surpasses 28,000 User Sign-Ups

Tempe, AZ based Wise Pelican is pleased to announce that they have reached more than 28,000 user sign-ups. This represents a great deal of growth for the young company.

Wise Pelican provides an easy and efficient way for individuals and businesses to create postcard mailings. Wise Pelican has hundreds of professional-quality postcard templates on their website. Thanks to their utilization of a high-quality Adobe InDesign template, they allow users to easily modify these templates in browsers while maintaining professional quality and sophistication. Wise Pelican also offers optional custom postcard templates for those who want something personalized for their brand. Once their customers are satisfied with the design of their postcards, Wise Pelican handles all printing, postage and mailing requirements.

As noted on their website, Wise Pelican provides integrated mail campaign tracking so their customers do not have to worry that their postcards are not going to the right recipient. They use a simple but effective proprietary tracking system that allows their customers to track the postcards as they pass through the USPS system. Customers will be informed once their postcards have been successfully delivered. Those who use Wise Pelican mail postcards on behalf of someone else may also allow the other party to have their own login and track their mail campaign.

Some individuals and businesses may also want to create lists to make the mailing process easier and faster. They will not have to worry as Wise Pelican also has them covered in such circumstances. In fact, Wise Pelican has a list builder system that their customers can use to create their lists based on a radius around a location, a subdivision name or an area that they can draw on the map. Customers may also choose to upload their own list and then select which lists they want to include in their mail campaigns instead of having to input each individual address. They may also create Do Not Mail lists to make Wise Pelican automatically remove certain addresses from future mail campaigns. Wise Pelican will automatically update the customers’ list based on the USPS National Change of Address database when needed. This ensures that the postcards will be delivered to the right recipients even if they move houses.

Despite the large number of high-quality services that they provide, Wise Pelican still offers their services at extremely affordable rates. Each postcard created, printed, posted and mailed through Wise Pelican only costs 70 cents. Wise Pelican also offers enterprise pricing for individuals and businesses who will have large orders of over 10,000 pieces per order. To avail this enterprise pricing, interested parties will need to contact Wise Pelican directly.

Generating real estate agent postcards is much easier with Wise Pelican. Those who wish to understand more about the Wise Pelican system and see the templates may do so by creating a free account on the company’s website.

Those who have utilized Wise Pelican’s services have nothing to say but positive comments to share about the company. Jordan Miller says in a 5-Star Google review, “I handle the marketing for a very busy realtor, and Wise Pelican makes my job so much easier. We started with their templates, which are good on their own, but then we paid for custom templates, which honestly were a bargain for what we got. We send out multiple postcards and brochures for each listing to different target neighborhoods, and we have seen more traction from these mailings than anything else we do. Their customer service is also super quick and very nice and helpful. If I could give them more stars I would!”

Joann Barrett says in another 5-Star Google review, “I always knew that consistent advertising was crucial to building my business, but putting together mailings is time consuming. Wise Pelican was the first company to make the process so easy for me. They have many templates to choose from or customize, small order quantities so I could test it out, and they helped me every step of the way.”

The review concludes, “My first mailing a year ago netted me two listings, and my business continues to build because I have experts doing my advertising. I highly recommend Wise Pelican!”

Those looking for an efficient and affordable way to mail postcards are welcome to contact Wise Pelican. They may also learn more about real estate postcards and expired listings postcards on the Wise Pelican website.


For more information about Wise Pelican, contact the company here:

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