Real Estate Investor Group Thrives Despite Challenging Economic Climate

Texas Real Estate Investor Associations (Texas REIA's) has successfully navigated the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization takes pride in their ability to continue providing monthly networking meetings for real estate investors, whether seasoned or new, in every major city in Texas.

Texas REIA's is the largest group of real estate investment associations in Texas, and they have been holding networking meetings since 2002. The company is owned and run by Shenoah Grove and Phill Grove, who have been working together and actively investing in real estate (and providing inventive real estate solutions to homeowners) since 2003. Their creative real estate investing strategies often help buyers deal with difficult situations while creating opportunites for investors. They have participated in more than 1,200 real estate transactions, with a cumulative worth of over $200,000,000. They credit this success to the networking opportunities they found with other real estate investors within the state. Texas REIA’s goal is to provide real estate investors the opportunity to engage in networking with their fellow property investors and to educate and inform their members through classes and mentoring sessions (hosted through the live meetings and events). Their mission is to share as much information as they can and provide the tools for learning and support that are necessary for success in starting and growing a real estate investing business.

In addition, the organization is committed to providing their members with a network of local buyers, sellers, service providers and partners. They also provide their members with wholesale real estate opportunities and first-class local market updates, training and mentoring. Notably, Texas REIA’s network is made up of more than 43,000 real estate investors, and more than 300 investors are usually present at each meeting they hold in every major city in the state.

Prior to the pandemic, members were given the chance to meet in person to shake hands, discuss opportunities, work on projects together and learn from each other. The live meetings also functioned as a platform through which members could meet many of their service providers, such as their insurers, lenders and inspectors.

In April of this year, meetings had to be shut down when the COVID-19 pandemic took hold. This made the organization and the members concerned that they would no longer be able to share information, deals and knowledge like they were able to do at the live meetings. Texas REIA's president Shenoah Grove and her husband Phill Grove, responded by moving their meetings to Zoom and Facebook Live. This allowed them to maintain continuity and carry on with seeing to their members’ needs. It also allowed them to reach their entire audience and provided a platform for leaders to engage with members and answer inquiries. To further serve the community, Texas REIA's holds multiple weekly calls with their members and clients. They also provide market updates on each of the four major Texas markets each month — and sometimes even each week.

Maintaining low membership prices has been one of the group’s foremost priorities. The organization's goal is not to make a lot of money from their membership fees, but instead to create mutual revenue opportunities with their members through networking and deal-making with other real estate investors. Texas REIA's members receive numerous benefits, such as access to a highly moderated discussion board, access to regular presentations and Q&A sessions with a panel of experts. They can also gain access to no-money-no-credit financing opportunities and strategies.

Texas REIA's president Shenoah Grove quickly made the decision to shift to a virtual experience in order to continue fulfilling the mission of the organization even during these trying times. Shenoah Grove says, "Our meetings and clubs have grown stronger than ever during this pandemic due to Texas's resilient real estate market full of new opportunities, but also because people are more aware than ever that they cannot rely on any job or company. They must learn to build their own wealth, and there is no better way to do that than real estate investing."

More information can be found on Texas REIA’s official website. Alternatively, members may connect with them via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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