Real Estate Investment Company Says It’s Possible to Sell House Fast in San Diego

Chris Buys Homes San Diego, a real estate investment company based in La Mesa, CA, wants homeowners in San Diego and neighboring areas to know that no matter what their reason for selling, it’s possible to sell a house fast. This is because they have streamlined the entire process of buying a home, allowing most of their transactions to get closed as early as seven days from the time the client accepts their offer. And they will buy a home, no matter its condition. What they are offering can be the solution for home sellers who can’t wait for their real estate agent to finally find a buyer for their property.

Chris Win from Chris Buys Homes San Diego says, “We are your best option in selling your property quickly, at a fair market value. Your convenience is our priority. We will close on your chosen schedule. We can even allow you to stay in your home for up to a month after we have settled the payment to give you ample time to transfer, or find a new dwelling. We can even buy your house even if there are existing tenants. We can pay you within seven days. If you need to sell at a moment’s notice then we are definitely your best bet. We have removed all the unnecessary steps and irrelevant documents that just add in to the long waiting process of having a house for sale finally sold.”

There are many possible reasons why a property owner would want to sell a home fast. These include: the need to relocate; possession on an inherited property that is not in good condition or in an undesirable neighborhood; the need to dispose of a property that requires major repairs; the desire to liquidate a home that is being rented by undesirable or non-paying tenants; a property that is occupied by squatters; a vacant home; a home that is in danger of being foreclosed; a home that contains a lot of junk; a home damaged by fire, water, or mold and there is not enough insurance to cover its restoration; when the property owner owes the government real estate taxes and liens; and more. Meanwhile, those who would like to know the Chris Buys Homes San Diego location and other relevant info can check out their Google Maps page.

The process of selling a house fast to Chris Buys Homes San Diego is simple and easy. The homeowner will first provide them with the relevant information about the property by filling out an online form. Or they can simply contact the company through email, calling them on the telephone, or by going to their office. They will evaluate the provided information and make an offer within 24 hours. If the homeowner accepts their offer, they will set a schedule for visiting the house for sale. They will then make a formal agreement that the home seller can sign and then they will order their escrow company to prepare the necessary documents. After all the documents have been signed, they will give the cash to the home seller. Overall, the entire process will only take a week.

Chris Buys Homes in San Diego was established as a professional investment company that can help homeowners by buying the property that they want to quickly dispose with the least hassle possible. Their services are for those who are finding it a challenge to sell their home for whatever reason, such as a house that needs a lot of repairs, a house with a tenant from hell, or a house in an undesirable neighborhood. They can also help those who can no longer continue with the monthly payments or are in foreclosure situation. Nevertheless, they can assure home sellers that they will always make a fair offer.

Homeowners who are interested in selling their property can visit the Chris Buys Homes San Diego website, or contact them through the phone or via email. They are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday. Those interested in comparing them to other companies offering to buy homes in San Diego can Google real estate consultants or cash offers for houses.


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