Raymark Plumbing Highlights Projected Rate Hikes for Plumbing in Seattle

Seattle, Wash. – Seattle City Council members are poised to approve plans to increase Seattle's combined water, sewage, solid waste, and drainage charges by more than 20% by 2026. If unable to find additional ways to trim spending and save money, Seattle Public Utilities will be forced to propose higher rates for plumbing services in Seattle.

The plan currently proposed would increase the monthly cost for homes, apartments, and stores by up to hundreds of dollars for some. Standard homes would see an increase of $275 from the current $223 charged monthly. The monthly cost for a conventional apartment would increase to $155, up over the current $127, and small stores would see an increase of about $200, to a total of $1,319 monthly. Seattle City Council rates are outlined in annual legislation, which is determined by a new six-year plan published by Seattle Public Utilities every few years.

According to the city council member, Mami Hara, “We’ve lowered our rate proposal considerably”. While also adding 5,000 more consumers to a 50% discount program for income-qualifying households since 2019.

The rate hike comes at a time when many citizens have already been struggling to pay their Seattle Public Utility bills since the pandemic hit the city over the last year. In March 2021, Seattle Public Utilities had 8,200 delinquent customer accounts, totaling seven million. Up a staggering amount from the year previous which only saw 4,500 delinquent accounts, totaling around two million.

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