Ragno Boiler: The Expense Accrued On Not Repairing A Boiler

Ragno Boiler, a Bronx, NY based boiler maintenance service, recently published a blog post that delves into the cost of not getting a boiler repaired. The boiler is one of the most important parts of any building, and one of the least well-maintained in most cases. Usually, the condition of the boiler is rarely taken into account until the colder months make it necessary to ensure the boiler is fully functional. Failing to maintain a boiler, however, can have serious repercussions, which Ragno Boiler’s article talks about in detail. The article can be found here: https://www.ragnoboiler.com/post/the-expense-of-not-getting-your-boiler-repaired.

“For your tenants' safety and to keep your boiler running efficiently, it is crucial to maintain boiler service even when it's not in use,” the article says. “While it is easy to call a boiler technician when your boiler fails to keep your building warm, emergency boiler repairs can be expensive. Avoid emergency repairs by having your boiler serviced regularly. While not repairing your boiler might be easier, it won’t run safely or efficiently. On top of that, major repairs or disasters down the line could be costly.”

One of the ways in which regular maintenance can help a homeowner avoid serious financial costs is by making it possible to identify problems before they develop at all. Boilers are highly complex machines, and having a boiler maintenance professional look over a particular boiler ensures that any potential issues are identified and dealt with promptly. The owner or caretaker of a building may not have the expertise necessary to identify and fix potential issues, which often means that any attempt to apply a fix (even if minor and assuming they are identified correctly) can lead to serious damage to the boiler that then requires expensive repairs — or even replacement. A damaged or malfunctioning boiler also poses a major threat. Read more here: https://www.ragnoboiler.com/.

The article also talks about the impact a malfunctioning boiler can have on energy bills, explaining that, “A boiler that is not running correctly can cause your energy bills to increase tenfold. Tenants might have to use space heaters, which can be dangerous and use vast amounts of energy. Aside from the extra appliances, an inefficient or broken boiler uses more energy to run. During regular maintenance checks, your boiler technician will examine the boiler to check for any irregularities. While some building owners are hesitant to schedule regular boiler service because of the cost, it is more expensive to pay out extra money every month to your energy bills over the long run. Even more costly is paying for boiler repairs or, in extreme cases, replacing the boiler altogether.”

Failure to professionally maintain a boiler is one of the easiest ways to void a warranty. A recently purchased boiler is likely still under warranty, but this often comes with the condition that the boiler is serviced by a professional at least annually. By not servicing a boiler within 12 months of purchase (and annually after that), an owner could void their warranty early — meaning repairs and replacements become their responsibility. In turn, this comes with a massive increase in the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Fortunately, Ragno Boiler can service or replace any boiler at a highly affordable rate. The company is always happy to offer their services to those looking to ensure their boiler is in good working condition. A number of people have already made use of the service and left great reviews on multiple platforms. One 5-Star review from a customer named Toni says, “Anthony Ragno and his crew are the best in the business! Safety first, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced! Big jobs or small, these guys know what to do!”

Glenn P. also says about their experience, “Superior customer service, we used others in the past but Ragno was responsive, courteous and professional, and the price was great — would highly recommend them!”

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