Ragno Boiler: Steps On How To Ready Your Boiler For Winter

Ragno Boiler Maintenance, based in Bronx, New York, is sharing the steps a person can take to ensure that their boiler is ready for the winter through a recently published article on their website. The family-owned company aims to serve their community and hopes this post will provide the necessary information to homeowners. Learn more here: https://www.ragnoboiler.com/post/making-sure-your-boiler-is-running-at-optimal-efficiency.

Though everyone enjoys the summer and fall seasons, the company advises the community to make use of these milder months to perform maintenance on their property. They believe that there is no better time to make sure that all building systems are in working order before the cold weather arrives. For those who have yet to prepare their property for the winter, there is still time to get the building systems, including boilers, ready for the winter. With a little maintenance, they can ensure that their boiler is functional and ready for the winter. The company points out that boilers are a popular choice for heating buildings because one boiler can effectively heat a large building at a potentially lower cost than electric heat or a furnace. It is vital to ensure that boiler equipment is working correctly so that the property’s heat is distributed and keeps its occupants comfortable and safe. Learn more here: https://www.ragnoboiler.com/.

The post discusses a few proactive steps for people to take to ensure their property is ready for colder weather. The first is doing a test run. After turning the heat on to evaluate the boiler, they may be able to quickly assess if it is functioning well. If not, they may call a professional to repair or replace the malfunctioning boiler. Another measure they can take is to remove any objects or debris surrounding the boiler. It is essential to monitor this piece of maintenance when the boiler is in use to clear the surrounding area. The floor space around the boiler should be free and clear so that the boiler can breathe through the air intake on the unit.

The company also reminds the community that they should avoid storing any flammable objects, such as papers, cardboard or anything else that can ignite within range of the boiler. Before switching a boiler on, the post highlights that it is a good idea to check the filters. A dirty filter can cause a boiler to overheat, so cleaning any debris or dust build-up will help the boiler perform at its optimal level. Disposable filters must be replaced, and electrostatic filters can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and wiped down. If the owner cannot assess this alone, a professional can determine the best course of action. Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/Ragno-Boiler-Maintenance-Inc-103366818204727/.

Another important step is to check the fuel source. This tip is more for maintenance before the winter weather forces a person to turn on the boiler but should also be looked at to ensure there are no issues with the boiler’s fuel source. Whether the boiler uses propane, oil or natural gas, it is critical to inspect for any leaks in the unit’s piping or valves and examine the fuel level to be well-prepared for the winter months. The burner must be inspected as well, as checking it and the corresponding components for damaged parts (or parts needing replacement) will help an owner identify problematic areas. They can then replace any overheated, misshapen or cracked pieces, with special attention paid to the burner shutter, damper, diffuser and nozzle.


The company gives special recognition to carbon monoxide monitors, which are particularly important for safety in a building. A carbon monoxide alarm that will alert a person to any leaks and is especially crucial if they have an older boiler. Carbon monoxide leaks are colorless with no smell, so a working carbon monoxide monitor is essential for the safety of all of the occupants of a building. The post provides further information about aspects to check, such as insulation of pipes, how to check for blockages, how to check radiators and how to check for boiler pressure. At all stages, the company recommends that the homeowner call for professional help if they are uncomfortable with the task or unsure of how to proceed.

Ragno Boiler Maintenance has been providing expert heating system maintenance in the Bronx for over 87 years across four generations. To quote the company, “Our communication channels are always open — our relationship with our clients begins on the first day of contact, and only ends once they’re fully satisfied with our work.”

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