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Rowlett, TX based IES Texas Solar is pleased to offer their rapid, zero-hassle solar installation service to Dallas residents. In order to help their community understand exactly how quickly a solar array can be installed, the company recently published a blog post that details every aspect of the process. View the post here: How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

“While the actual installation may not take that long,” the company explains, “the process of determining exactly what your property needs, designing a suitable solution and filling out all the necessary paperwork can take longer than many would expect. The physical installation may not take more than 1 - 3 days, but the full process from inception to completion will generally take between 45 - 60 days. As a result, we recommend that you factor in a waiting period of at least two months before your system is fully operational once you get in touch with your solar contractor.”

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Notably, IES Texas Solar reassures their customers that this does mean they will have to remain without power for such a long period. Instead, they may continue to enjoy their current power supply, uninterrupted, for the duration of the installation. Furthermore, the technology allows the property to remain connected to the grid as a backup source, so they can switch back at any time if required. Learn more here: Solar Panel Installation San Antonio.

There are generally a few distinct steps to having a solar power system installed. One of the initial stages requires that a suitable system be designed that meets the property’s requirements. Following this, the appropriate permits will have to be obtained, since the system will still be connected to the power grid (and some HOAs may have specific conditions that need to be met). The system can then be installed. However, the utility provider has to both inspect and approve the system before it can be activated, which may contribute to some delay due to scheduling issues, high demand and so on.

Many customers have already undergone this procedure and found that it was well worth the wait. As Ilene H. says in their 5-Star Google review, “We installed our IES solar system a little over two years ago and couldn't be happier with our decision! From our first meeting with our sales associate, Jake, who was very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining all of our options in different systems to sharing costs benefits and tax savings, to the day of installation and system turn on, the IES team has been available to answer any and all concerns. Their prices were competitive with others on the market, but the quality of the customer service won our business.”

Another review from Renee V. serves to illustrate how little involvement is needed from the customer. The review explains that, “Everyone from this home office and the local rep was totally awesome. They were able to walk me through the entire process and handled all the necessary permits, inspections and other details. Basically, all I had to do was sign the contract, and they handled everything else. Installation went smoothly, and they cleaned up every last piece of debris. If it weren't for the 33 panels on my roof, you'd never know anything was done!”

IES Texas Solar believes that solar panel installation should be as swift and seamless as possible. Those switching to solar are often coming into proper contact with the technology for the first time, and this means that first impressions matter. As such, the team at IES Texas Solar takes their duties extremely seriously, and this is reflected in the quality of their work.

IES Texas Solar is growing their business rapidly. Those who would like to invest in their property in a similar manner and enjoy the benefits of low-to-zero cost energy may contact IES Texas Solar to get started. Learn more about the company and their services at the following link: Solar Panel Installation Houston.


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