Quick Mold Labs Recognizes that Experience is the Key When It Comes to Proper Miami Mold Testing

Quick Mold Labs is a Doral, FL-based mold testing service that is known for offering some of the most complete mold testing services that can be found in the greater Miami area. This includes having sophisticated equipment in place to provide accurate mold testing that produces actionable results and having well-trained personnel carry out its customers' mold testing requests. It’s also a company that realizes there is no substitute for experience when it comes to important mold testing. That’s why so many in the Miami-Dade County area trust this company’s 30-years of successful mold testing history.

Quick Mold Labs President, Francesco Diaz, says, “Mold is something that no home or business owner wants growing anywhere in their house or commercial building. Unfortunately, keeping mold out of structures is easier said than done. That’s because all it takes is a drop of water sitting for too long or some excess moisture in the air to start sustained mold growth in an area and this can lead to a wide variety of issues. This is why we urge any home or business owner that sees or smells the presence of mold or just wants to make sure their structure is mold-free, to call us and have one of our talented mold testing professionals come to assess their mold growth situation.”

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Diaz went on to elaborate as to why it’s so essential for home and business owners to get their buildings tested for the presence of mold and have it eliminated as quickly as possible. One of the most concerning of which is the health issues that are often associated with family members, employees, and customers constantly breathing in mold spores. This can lead to several different health-related problems and is especially concerning for those with a history of asthma or respiratory-related allergy issues. It was pointed out that persistent mold growth can also lead to substantial and costly damage to drywall, flooring, structural wood, carpeting, stored items, and more. He added that without proper mold testing in place, it’s very hard to determine what mold remediation steps need to be undertaken to eliminate existing mold issues and keep them from coming back. It was also mentioned by him that any time a customer has a flooding or leaking situation in their home or commercial building, that structure should be thoroughly checked for the presence of mold growth once that water has been cleaned up. The company president added that mold is not just caused by roof and plumbing leaks or flooding incidents either. Poor home ventilation, moisture building up in flooring over time, dampness in basements, high humidity in attics, and other conditions can set the stage for persistent mold growth.

The company president also described the role that their many years of experience in mold testing plays. This includes knowing how to inspect a home or a business in a way that helps identify the most likely areas in these structures where mold growth will occur. Once these areas have been determined, their qualified mold inspectors then know the best ways to take samples for testing. Once back at the lab, personnel that has done thousands of mold tests will use advanced equipment to do the required tests it takes to make sound mold problem assessments. Diaz also was proud to talk about how you get much more from their company besides having many years of mold testing experience and the best mold testing equipment money can buy. This includes getting more personalized service because they are a locally owned & operated company that like to help make their community a better place. They are also licensed, bonded, and insured and the company has a long history when it comes to successfully testing for mold in homes, commercial properties, schools, daycare centers, and government-run buildings.

The company provides its quality mold testing services to those in all of Miami-Dade County including Doral, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Homestead, Naples, Kendall, and the Miami metro area. More information on Quick Mold Labs Miami mold testing services can be obtained by calling them, sending them an email, or by visiting its website.


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