Queens Immigration Lawyer Explains Family Immigration

Queens, NY -- Immigration policies have gotten a lot of press over the past few years. Our nation was built upon immigration and has flourished under the premise that our arms are open to the world, and yet an immigration lawyer knows firsthand how difficult it can be for people to become legal citizens of the United States. Keetick Sanchez, Esq., an immigration lawyer based in Queens, NY, sees it regularly.

“Family members who are seeking permanent residence for their non-citizen family members find out quickly how difficult it can be to gain a visa for them, particularly if they are not immediate family,” Ms. Sanchez explains. “Especially when you have components such as language barriers or the petitioning family member is not a citizen but a green card holder, the process can be fraught with a lot of complicated paperwork and log-jammed with many other competing petitions waiting for approval. This leads to frustration for many families who want to gain entry for their family members legally.”

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Family-based immigration is one of the few paths to citizenship for immigrants. This requires that either a family member who is a U.S. citizen or one who is already a lawful permanent resident petition for immigrant status for their family member in another country. The status of the petition-filing family member, as well as the type of immigrant status of the incoming family member, is key in how easily or quickly they can gain a family-based immigrant visa.

“Anyone who is subject to a family preference visa awaits a long waiting list. Because a limited number of visas are available to these more distant family relationships or family members who are being sponsored by green card holders instead of U.S. citizens, they are usually wait-listed for months and sometimes years. This can be arduous and frustrating for family members who want to enter the country and remain here legally. For our clients, the wait can seem interminable, and yet we see what can happen to those who enter the country illegally today, even if they are claiming asylum,” Ms. Sanchez continued. “At our law firm, we guide our clients in the immigration process to ensure that their family statuses and paperwork are correct so when they come up for review, they don’t face difficulty in getting their visas approved after waiting so long.”

Many families seeking family immigration visas, are looking for understanding, patience, and knowledge to ensure that their family members gain legal entry into the country and will not run into problems. An experienced and compassionate immigration lawyer can offer this.

Keetick L. Sanchez, Esq. has a unique perspective on immigration law, having gained practical experience at both the state and federal levels while in law school. She also interned with the International Refugee Assistance Project that handles immigration matters with refugees around the world.

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