Queens Car Accident Lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez Explains the Types of Car Crashes that Cause Serious Injuries

Queens car accident lawyer Keetick L. Sanchez (https://accidentlawyer-queens.com) releases a new article that discusses the kinds of car crashes that might cause serious injuries. The lawyer says that Queens residents understand the traffic conditions in the area. There were 228,047 accidents involving cars that caused serious injuries in 2018 alone.

According to the Queens car accident lawyer, "There is never a good way to prepare for an accident. Despite driving defensively, we are all at risk of encountering a negligent motorist who will put our health, our life, and our resources in jeopardy. Many times, these negligent drivers cause injuries that will create physical and financial hardships for weeks, months, years, and sometimes, a lifetime."

Queens car accident lawyer

The lawyer explains that when cars collide, they may cause serious injuries. Car accidents usually involve drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. The victim may suffer the pain from their injuries while having to pay their costly medical bills.

Attorney Keetick Sanchez also lists areas where a car accident lawyer may be able to help. This includes a rear-end car crash, t-bone collision, head-on collision, hit and run, drunk impaired driving, trucking collision, and bicycle collision.

Attorney Sanchez lists three things insurance companies consider when determining who is responsible for a car accident in Queens. These factors include negligence, comparative negligence rules, and no-fault legislation. Any person who drives a vehicle must be covered under the no-fault law. This guarantees that each driver is covered in the event they are involved in an accident to get compensation.

According to the car accident attorney, the negligence factor comes in when a driver has been reckless and did not show care for the other drivers on the road. This situation can be considered negligent and the driver can be held liable for the collision.

Lastly, attorney Keetick emphasizes the importance of having a skilled car accident lawyer when someone has been involved in a car accident. Having an experienced lawyer may be able to help the victim seek compensation for their injuries.

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