Quantum Freedom Announces 3rd Book in the Quantum Freedom Series, Tempo: The Pace of Change

Katherine Caulfield, the owner of Quantum Freedom and the author/channel of the Quantum Freedom book series, has announced the recent publishing of the third book in the Quantum Freedom series, Tempo: The Pace of Change. Published December 5th, 2020, Tempo: The Pace of Change is available in hardcover on Amazon by clicking here.

The author, Katherine Caulfield, is a certified Reiki practitioner, energy healer, astrologer, channel and spiritual guide. She channeled the Quantum Freedom Series from the Spirit Collective, a group of nonphysical guides and teachers assisting humanity’s evolution at this time. She also founded the business, Quantum Freedom, which provides guidance on the spiritual path towards one’s divine destiny and the actualization of one’s highest potential.

Through her business, Quantum Freedom, Katherine offers a variety of services, products, information and more. Whether one is looking for healing, guidance or other forms of assistance, the Quantum Freedom website is broken down by the various specific things that might need healing like the Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul and Heart. To learn more about the specific offerings for each category, one can simply visit the Quantum Freedom website and use the navigation at the top to visit the section that interests them most.

According to the corresponding Amazon page, the third book in the Quantum Freedom book series, Tempo: The Pace of Change “Takes the reader on a journey through change, growth and transformation set to a rhythmic, melodic backbeat; or in this case, tempo. Learn the quantum mechanics of change and what this means for humanity collectively as well as personally. Worries are lifted and fears are transmuted as The Spirit Collective offers a higher perspective on the wisdom, truth and continuity of change. This book offers a refreshing and invigorating look into the transience and impermanence of all reality, and how we can apply this eternal truth towards the actualization of our own liberation and inner peace.”

When asked what readers can gain from reading Tempo: The Pace of Change, Katherine said that, “Especially in the world we’re living in right now, everyone is faced with massive change on many levels. It is a good reminder from the Universe that change is the only constant. Tempo gives some peace and comfort in the unending process of change, and allows us to process it more effortlessly by getting into the flow, or pace of the change, through the embrace of its tempo.”

For those interested in purchasing or learning more about Tempo: The Pace of Change, visit the book’s page on Amazon. To learn more about Katherine Caufiled and the range of offerings provided by Quantum Freedom, visit their website at https://www.quantum-freedom.com/ or send an email to quantumfreedomllc@gmail.com.


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