Quantum Business Dynamics Marketing Agency Brighton Launches Mobile Advertising Service To Help Local Businesses Get More Customers

Quantum Business Dynamics, a marketing and qualitative research consultancy based in East Sussex, UK, but serving a worldwide audience is pleased to announce the launch of their hyperlocal mobile marketing service. The company aims to help their clients expand their businesses through the use of this newly launched service.

The service, provided by the agency's Hyperlocal division, helps companies and organisations to target their ideal customers, clients or shoppers where they are most likely to be present, and where they are most likely to respond or make a purchase. The location-based targeting feature is generally described as 'geofencing'.

George Ogunsiji, Business Growth Strategist at the Brighton and Hove marketing consultancy, reveals how the idea works as follows: "A potential buyer might be seeking to purchase a specific type of shoe in a footwear retail store. She may well be on the verge of purchasing when an advertisement from a rival store, say, 10 minutes away, shows up on her smartphone suggesting the exact same set at a 10% discount. Upon seeing the ad, the prospect discontinues her purchase and proceeds to the rival shop to buy the shoes. In this case, the competing retail store has actually ethically 'swiped' the customer far from its competitor, and businesses are doing exactly this with the mobile advertising service that we provide at Quantum Business Dynamics."

While geofencing is hardly new, the ability to (i) pinpoint customers based upon their age, gender and geographic location and (ii) deliver high-converting digital coupons with an automated redemption reminder sequence has only been available, until recently, to Inc 500 corporations or blue chip companies with massive promotion and marketing budgets. Ogunsiji states his agency has made it one of its primary goals to render hyperlocal mobile marketing more widely accessible to allow small businesses to advertise their deals to individuals who, based upon their interests and their locality, are more likely to actually welcome those deals. While companies throughout a range of industries are utilizing hyperlocal advertising to great effect, results are shown to be particularly impressive for auto dealerships, personal injury lawyers, ophthalmic opticians, and high street retailers.

According to George Ogunsiji, this form of marketing, when effectively implemented, can provide real value to prospective customers who are being sought after by small business using the technology. "A well-executed hyperlocal mobile advertising technique," says Ogunsiji, "will involve providing extremely attractive offers to the customer based on what that customer may be doing at the time and where he or she may be doing it."

The rewards to businesses and organisations embracing such a technique include the capability to 'laser-target' their ideal customers any place they are more than likely to be found and where the purchasing intention is at its greatest. "The effectiveness of hyperlocal advertising," claims Ogunsiji, "can be enhanced further when digital discount coupon marketing and high-converting banner advertising are tossed into the mix. We foresee assisting more and more businesses here in the UK, US and elsewhere around the world capitalise on these strategies to stay one step ahead of their rivals."

Brighton and Hove Hyperlocal Mobile Marketing to help businesses get more customers

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