Quantum Business Dynamics Launches Video Lead Engage Video-based Website Conversion Software

Quantum Business Dynamics, a digital marketing agency based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England, is delighted to announce the launch of its Video Lead Engage web conversion software. The software enables businesses to place a video greeting on their website and encourage their visitors to take a specific action on the website that the business owner might desire. By doing so, according to George Ogunsiji, the founder of Video Lead Engage, "the software helps businesses start the relationship-building process with the prospective customer, as the visitor gets to see the person behind the website. People like to buy from businesses they know, like, and trust. By delivering a personalized welcome on the site and interacting with the visitor the business begins to build that critical part of the 'KLT' trifecta - Trust - which is so important trust in the customer's journey".

Video Lead Engage incorporates a customizable video widget that can be used for appointment bookings, adding visitors to mailing lists, etc. Once the software is set up, an attention-grabbing yet unobtrusive bubble will appear which web visitors can click to view the welcome video. This helps businesses make a great first impression and convert their visitors into leads, customers, clients, or patients. All the webmaster or business owner, etc. needs to do is record a quick video welcome and then set up a call to action for viewers to take the desired action.

Video Lead Engage Website Conversion Software

Video Lead Engage integrates with many popular communication and business tools, so business owners can add the product seamlessly to their existing customer pipelines. For example, a realtor or estate agent using Video Lead Engage might use it to book home viewings or direct visitors to view a list of open houses in their area. Companies using Video Lead Engage can also create videos for different pages of a website, to enhance the visitor's overall experience of the site and entice visitors to act according to business needs. Businesses as diverse as chiropractors, lawyers, restaurants, salons, and e-commerce stores can use the software to promote their brand, connect with their audience, and capture more leads.

The company behind Video Lead Engage, Quantum Business Dynamics, helps companies grow by focussing on four marketing pillars - Reputation, Reach (online visibility and exposure), Resell (maximization of customer value and revenue), and Referral. "A business' customer or client list is its most valuable asset," says George Ogunsiji. "So at Quantum Business Dynamics. we help companies not only capture leads and convert those leads into customers but also re-engage with those customers to stay top of mind. Existing customers can also be valuable for how they share or refer a business with their connections. Our marketing approach, software tools, and applications enable us to support our clients in growing their businesses and increasing their revenue. Video Lead Engage is one of our key tools that helps businesses in this regard."

Anyone interested in learning how Video Lead Engage can help convert website visitors into leads and customers can click here to learn more.


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