Quantum Business Dynamics Launches Resource to Help Local Businesses Get More Customers, Clients or Patients with Paid Traffic

George Ogunsiji, founder of Quantum Business Dynamics, a company based in Hove, East Sussex, UK, has launched a new report resource designed to assist local businesses in generating more customers, clients or patients with paid traffic. The report is available for free upon request and reveals the single primary tool needed to significantly increase the number of potential buyers that can be generated from paid traffic. In this particular report, three things will be learned: securing one’s target audience; multiplying the conversion by 10 times or more; and increasing one’s customer or client base at a rapid rate. The report can accessed here: https://qbdynamics.co.uk/paidtrafficreport.

Georg Ogunsiji says, “Basically, paid traffic refers to those people who visit your website because of an advertising campaign that you have paid for. There are various platforms that provide paid traffic services, such as social media sites and search engines. And it is important to note that customers from paid traffic are 50 more likely to buy compared to organic traffic visitors. That is why increasing the number of customers from paid traffic makes sense.”

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There are several benefits that paid traffic can provide to any business. The first of these is tremendous exposure to a global pool market of over one billion people online, many of whom may be actively searching for the products and services that the advertiser is offering. The second is very fast results, where traffic can be generated within hours and not merely days or months. Third, there is potentially a much higher rate of conversion particularly if each ad has been specifically targeted to what the audience really wants. And fourth, the advanced strategies provided by Quantum Business Dynamics will make it easier to follow up with visitors until they truly become customers, clients, or patients.

It is also worth noting that business trends reveal that local advertising is on the rise and that digital display ads have now surpassed search advertising. Thus, it would appear that the future of online advertising appears to veer towards digital display ads rather than pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization. Display ads appear on websites, social media sites, or apps and can provide instant results, just like PPC ads, but at a much-reduced cost. At this point, it may be instructive to clarify the difference between the two forms of advertising - display versus pay per click. With PPC marketing, an ad is placed in front of people based on their search query or the words they enter into the search box on their browser. With display advertising, however, ads are placed on websites based on the interests and/or demographics of the advertiser's target audience. With PPC the advertiser is charged on a 'per click' basis, whereas with display advertising the business is charged per 1000 impressions. In simplistic terms, this means the PPC marketer pays whenever anyone clicks on the ad, while the display advertiser pays for every 1000 times the ad is displayed. It turns out that it will cost less to use display ads rather than PPC ads.

Meanwhile, there are two kinds of display ads marketing. One is for attracting the attention of new customers while the other type is for retargeting those website visitors who failed to contact the business. Retargeting is needed because only three to four percent of site visitors will actually become buyers. The remaining 96 percent will leave the site without buying. Convincing these people to buy is easier because they have already visited the site and already know the brand. Following them up may eventually lead them to become paying customers. Retargeting allows the business to follow up on their target audience until that moment when they are finally ready to buy.

Founded in 2003, Quantum Business Dynamics is a lead generation and online marketing consultancy based in Brighton and Hove, UK but serving international clients. They are able to help their clients by optimizing four major systems, which they call the 4Rs: reach, reputation, referral, and resell. They are particularly selective about who they enlist as clients to ensure they maintain their 100% service delivery and success rate. With Quantum Business Dynamics specialist services and proprietary marketing systems, their clients are able to grow their businesses, achieve better financial stability, and enjoy an improved work-life balance.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Quantum Business Dynamics can check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.


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