Quality Gardena Pest Specialists Announces Merger

Quality Gardena Pest Specialists has been in the pest control business for over a decade now. The company has multiple good reviews and has been helping thousands of families over the years against infestations. The company offers custom services tuned to each species of pest and due to this their results are effective and quick. The company boasts a team of 15 professional exterminators that have all been in pest control for many years.

Quality Gardena Pest Specialists have recently announced that they are going to merge with another smaller and, for the time being, unnamed company. The company agreed to merge with Quality Gardena Pest Specialists on Monday. This will provide Quality Gardena Pest Specialists with brand new equipment for their entire team, new utility vehicles, and the ability to grow their service area. The company has been looking to grow more and this merger will help them greatly.

The president of the company talked about the merger in a recent interview, saying, “Quality Gardena Pest Specialists have been around, providing reliable pest control to the Los Angeles County area. The company has constantly been growing to fight the continuously growing problem of pests. This merger will allow us to expand our service area and give our team of expert exterminators backup equipment for when our current equipment gives. We have had a large impulse in pest infestation calls and because of this our equipment has been being used strenuously.”

Pest infestations have been on the rise recently because pests are growing more and more resilient to everyday treatments. Do it yourself methods and over the counter products are being less and less effective. A representative of the company went on to talk about this, “We have noticed a large increase in new pest infestations in the area. This is mostly due to pests becoming more resilient to unprofessional treatments like DIY methods and over the counter products. If you think you have a pest infestation we would be happy to provide you the professional care you need.

The company has been around for a long time and has shown great results to its customers. If a pest issue is suspected it’s advised that residents contact a local exterminator by phone or on their website at https://gardenapestcontrol.com/.


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