Quad Cities Insurance Advisor Kelly Stewart Offers Retirement and Social Security Income Protection Consulting

Davenport, Iowa -

Quad Cities insurance advisor Kelly Stewart is simplifying long-term investment and insurance opportunities, enabling everyday Americans to confidently retire when the time is right.

At her Davenport-based family-owned and operated company KS Financial Services, Kelly aims to help Quad Cities residents yield the dividends of all the hard work that they have put in throughout their life - building a career, diligently saving money, and investing for future generations. To this end, Kelly and her team identify safe and secure investment strategies to help their clients reach their financial goals.

KS Financial Services

“Our biggest strength is the level of personalized service we offer our clients,” says Kelly. “We take the time to listen to your needs and do a deep dive into your current financials. Paired with our extensive experience in the financial services industry and knowledge of current offerings, we can recommend coverage that meets all your requirements while also being within your means. While other service providers encourage you to take on cookie-cutter investment portfolios to get their fees without putting in much effort, we pride ourselves on taking a hands-on approach to offer tailored solutions that make the most sense for you.”

KS Financial Services collaborates with more than 100 insurance companies and allows clients to pick from a long list of coverage options at different price ranges. Since the company is not beholden to a single major carrier, the team at the Davenport insurance services provider can sign its clients up for the best plans available on the market as a whole.

The full range of insured and licensed services offered by KS Financial Services includes mortgage protection, final expenses, life insurance, Medicare, retirement and social security protection, short-term health insurance, life planning, investments, annuities, getting debt-free, and long-term care. Readers in the Quad Cities area can get started with the company’s services by requesting a free no-obligation quote on its website. For more information and to keep up with updates, follow its Facebook page.

For older Americans planning their retirement, KS Financial Services offers consultation on OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance), the largest income-maintenance program in the United States which is commonly known as Social Security. While it cannot replace a comprehensive personal insurance plan, it gives working and self-employed Americans the safety net they need to live with dignity in their sunset years.

Beneficiaries have several options when it comes to leveraging their entitlements. If one chooses to begin receiving benefits before reaching retirement age, the amount they get paid each month will be lower than the full benefit that they are eligible for. On the other hand, choosing to defer the benefits to several years after reaching retirement age commensurately increases their monthly payout.

“Apart from making the wrong decision on when to receive retirement benefits,” says Kelly, “there are other pitfalls that you have to look out for. For example, after you die, your spouse will get just the bigger of the two monthly SSI payments, and the smaller payment will be forfeited. This is half of your income lost at a time when you need it the most. Enrolling in a Social Security Income Protection plan will ensure that your spouse receives both of your incomes for a set period of time after your death. For more such relevant information that goes overlooked by most, contact me and my team at our Davenport office, and let us secure you and your family’s future without missteps.”

Kelly’s dedication to helping her clients stems from her own experiences watching her parents struggle financially in their final years. On her website, she says, “In the years following the death of my mom and then my dad, I began searching for a better way to become financially independent. I have gained knowledge and insight through studying, and hard work, but also by asking hard questions. My goal is to help people plan for the worst so when they go through it, they will be better equipped for the steep cliffs and rocky paths.”

Readers can get in touch with Kelly at (563) 279-2356 or kelly@ksfinservices.com to inquire about her firm’s services. The company also urges Quad Cities area residents to follow its Instagram page.


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