PutskA Produces Plastic Non-Toxic Pacifier Clip

PutskA, a producer of baby essentials, would like to reach out to parents who may be in search of a high quality pacifier clip. The company has just released their 4 pack set of unique modern pacifier clips that are designed to fit all pacifiers or soothers. Many parents visit PutskA on their site whenever they need something for their babies, and this latest addition to their shop has been very well received.

The clips are unisex and, most importantly, non-toxic, which means they are completely safe. Children tend to put anything they can get their hands on in their mouths, which makes it very important to ensure all their toys and pacifiers are not toxic in any way. A non-toxic pacifier holder is something that any parent can appreciate. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of where the baby’s pacifier is and makes it easier to handle the pacifier while being completely safe, should the baby somehow get it in their mouth.

“’Where’s the pacifier?’ is a question from the past when you use PutskA universal fit pacifier clips,” says the clips’ Amazon listing. “No more falling on the floor or rolling under the couch. A clean pacifier always for your newborn, infant or toddler. Our clips are all 100% soft and safe for your baby and are the correct length to hold the pacifier in place. The strap is long enough to keep the baby happy but will not tangle nor endanger your child in any way. It is made of soft, quality, waterproof, washable, durable polyester. Metal, rust and marks something you will never have to worry about thanks to our BPA, phthalate, latex and lead free plastic clips. This durable and comfortable to use material protects your baby’s clothing from nasty, hard to remove stains that you can get with the metal types. Best of all, it’s safe for a baby’s teeth, should they chew on it.”

The clips make a fun and thoughtful gift for new parents. They are great for baby showers, expecting parents or just after the birth of a baby. Their black and white gender neutral design means that one can prepare them in advance without having to worry about the gender of the baby. The clips are also very versatile. They can be used to hold baby teething toys or any other lightweight accessory that can hang safely on the baby’s clothing. Almost all pacifiers, teething toys and teethers fit with the clip. One can shop for PutskA Pacifier Clips on Amazon.

A number of people have bought the clips and the vast majority appear to have been very pleased with their purchase. One Amazon user, K. Brooks, says in their 5-Star review, “I needed a little something extra for a baby gift, and these were the perfect practical gift topper! When they arrived, I checked them out to make sure they worked and were easy for adults to figure out. They're secure, and as long as you read the directions on the packaging, you'll be able to use them with ease. I love that they're gender-neutral, too.”

Ashley, another Amazon user, called the clips, “super cute and modern,” in her review. The 5-Star review continues, “I loved each one of these, but the one with the Xs is my favorite! It matches so many of my baby's outfits. The little clip is just as good as a more expensive clip I bought in a store, and the clip swings, allowing for my range of motion, which makes it harder for my LO to pull it off. I have accidentally washed these, and they come out super clean and survive the washer and a low dry. Which is a huge plus for this forgetful mama. I would definitely buy these again.”

PutskA has all kinds of baby accessories, made out of the highest quality materials available. The company is run by Lily and Ben Nathan, who founded PutskA when their second child was born. Using their experience as parents, the couple developed products that would be simple and easy to use while still being chic, stylish and safe for children. The company has since grown and now also offers products for toddlers. For more, check PutskA on FB.


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