PutskA Explores Uses Of Diaper Caddy Organizer

PutskA, a baby essentials manufacturer, is reaching out to new parents to explain the usefulness of a diaper caddy organizer and the many ways in which it can be utilized. PutskA is dedicated to making practical baby products that are also thoughtfully designed and stylish without sacrificing quality. Visit PutskA online for more information.

Lily Nathan, one of the founders of PutskA, says, “As parents ourselves, we know exactly what we need, and more importantly what our little ones need and like. As such, our diaper caddy organizer set, just like every single one of our other products, is designed to be simple and easy to use, yet chic and stylish — all while making sure the child is always safe and comfortable.”

PutskA Diaper Caddy

PutskA's portable diaper caddy has everything a parent needs to deal with a sudden diaper situation, wherever they may be at the time. The diaper caddy organizer set also comes with two unisex drool bibs and two pacifier clips, giving parents a perfect set of baby essentials. It is perfect as a baby shower gift, both for new parents or for parents who simply want to refresh their baby product inventory.

Made from recycled eco-friendly, high quality baby-safe felt that is also very strong and durable, the diaper caddy is the perfect size to hold everything parents need to keep their changing table or bed both organized and clutter free. The diaper caddy has three large compartments and eight external pockets, making it big enough to fit all diaper and nursery items. The side pockets are also deep, wide and easy to access. The diaper caddy further has a protective ribbon around any sharp edges for perfect safety and security. PutskA also ensures that the product has a solid construction, with a strong T divider that is securely attached to the sides and the bottom, with reinforced Velcro that keeps each compartment sturdy and firm.

The pacifier clips included with the set are the perfect solution to never lose a pacifier again. With a universal-fit loop, it can hold almost all pacifiers, teething toys and teethers, keeping them clean and in reach. The bandana bibs have three nickel-free snaps that can fit any child from ages 3-24 months. They are made of two layers. On the front, a soft organic highly-absorbent cotton and on the back, a poly fleece that feels super soft and prevents moisture from going through the bib, leaving the baby’s clothes dry.

Nathan explains that, while the straightforward use for the diaper caddy is to hold diapers and other baby essentials, there is nothing stopping creative parents from finding other uses for it, making the diaper caddy a valuable item to have around even after the babies grow up. The size and construction of the PutskA diaper caddy makes it viable as a storage solution for arts and crafts supplies, laundry room supplies, a tool to organize one’s bathroom counter and more. In fact, the solid construction also allows the diaper caddy to serve as camera equipment storage.

Nathan says, “PutskA exists because of our children. We started the company after our second child was born and, as our children grew, we’ve done our part to innovate and grow as a company as well. You can check Putska on FB to see how we’ve developed over the years. We don’t know what products the future will bring to our small family business, it really depends on our kids' needs, but we know that we will always make our products the best we possibly can, and we will always want to share them with you and every other parent out there.”

PutskA also assures parents that they can order the diaper caddy with confidence. If for any reason one is not completely satisfied with the diaper caddy, the product has a 3-year warranty, and PutskA will fully refund the product or offer a free replacement.


Those who want to learn more about PutskA and the range of baby essentials they sell are welcome to visit the company's website for more information. In addition to their website, PutskA also maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers. They also encourage interested parties to get in touch with Lily Nathan directly via email or phone, or alternatively use the contact form on their website. Customers may shop for PutskA Diaper Caddy on Amazon as well.


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