Putsk A Potty Training Chart Now Available On Amazon

Online baby product designer PutskA is extremely pleased to share that their SpaceMan Potty Chart For Boys And Girls has been received well among early Amazon customers. The company has worked long and hard to create innovative items for babies and parents that demonstrate both style and practical use, and this potty training chart is yet another successful step in their journey towards this goal. Visit PutskA at their official website to learn more about the potty training chart, their other products and even the overall ethos and motives that drive them.

PutskA set themselves a few additional challenges in the process of making their new potty training chart. Alongside being useful and attractive, they knew the chart had to be fun and engaging to use, making it more likely that children would be drawn to it and parents would have fond memories to look back on once their child had grown up. As such, the company made it their mission to design the chart in such a way that it would make children excited about potty training and taking note of their improvement through a visual medium.

PutskA Potty Training Chart

There are five actions children are required to do each time they use the potty, and each action is illustrated beautifully to help them remember what they must do. Furthermore, these actions are illustrated by adorable unicorns, appealing to every child’s love of magic and animals at the same time. PutskA understands that babies need help at virtually every stage of their growth, so the chart has not been geared towards a single destination or situation. Parents are welcome to use the potty training chart at home — but so can their children’s daycares, classrooms, baby sitters and much more. The applications are limited only by what its users require. Check Putska on FB to learn more.

As parents quickly come to learn as they raise their child, it is important to reward good behavior. PutskA is well aware of this fact, and this is why they have incorporated this factor into their chart. They believed that marking the chart would prove to be too mundane to engage a toddler, so they went the extra mile and manufactured it to be magnetic. This allows parents to award their little one with a magnet (or stickers) to place on their chart every time they successfully use the potty.

Many will also be extremely pleased with PutskA’s reassurance that all of their products are made from 100% baby safe materials and feature a premium construction that ensures a great deal of durability. Their potty training chart is not different, and even their magnets are crafted from the finest, safest materials to give parents the peace of mind they need. As the company states on their Amazon listing, “The chart is printed on smudge, wrinkle, scratch and water-resistant paper, so you can hang it on the bathroom wall without any issue. We have included a door hanger for easy and hassle-free installation. Children under 3 should be monitored to make sure they are not swallowing the stickers.”

The universal nature of this chart also means it would make a great gift for expecting parents or others who are experiencing difficulty with their young one’s potty training. The company suggests presenting it at baby showers as well, and they are so confident in the quality of their products that they offer a comprehensive warranty for every item they sell. This 1-year warranty is more than enough time for parents to experience the excellence of PutskA’s products for themselves, and many of the company’s biggest fans are often repeat customers who purchased the same items for their friends and family.


Those interested may shop for PutskA Potty Chart on Amazon or learn more about it on the company’s official website. Similarly, they may reach out to Lily Nathan of PutskA, one of the company’s founders, to follow up on any further details or ask more about their history in the baby products industry. PutskA always looks forward to sharing their values and perspective with their community.


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