Putsk A Offers Fun Potty Training Chart For Toddlers

Baby product company PutskA is pleased to introduce their very own potty training charts that can make potty training easy and fun for toddlers. Parents may visit PutskA at their website or Amazon webstore to learn more about the product.

For parents, potty training can prove to be a difficult task that requires a lot of patience, encouragement and positivity. In fact, the process of potty training is normal and an important developmental stage that all toddlers will have to go through. Fortunately, parents do not need to worry too much as there are a number of tools that can help them guide their children. These include PutskA’s potty training charts, which are designed with both parents and toddlers in mind.

PutskA Potty Training Chart

One of the many baby products that PutskA offers is their animal magnetic potty training chart. Putska’s potty training charts can help make the training process more fun and engaging for toddlers. This is done through the five actions on the potty training chart that kids need to do every time they use the potty. In order to encourage them, each action is illustrated with an animal. The potty training charts also utilize an effective rewarding system to motivate the toddlers even further. Kids can be rewarded with a round magnet whenever they finish a task and a star shaped magnet along with another small reward whenever they finish a row of tasks. Once they accomplish all five rows, they also get a special reward. The reward does not necessarily have to be an item — it could be a fun day out or a good meal.

PutskA’s potty training charts also come in other unique designs, such as outer space and unicorn. PutskA manufactures their potty training charts using the highest quality and baby-safe materials to help ensure both the integrity of the items and the children’s safety. PutskA also offers a 1-year comprehensive warranty for customers who are not satisfied with their potty training charts for whatever reason. Parents may check Putska on FB to learn more about their potty training charts and other baby products.

Meanwhile, PutskA has received great reviews for their magnetic potty training charts. Lisa says in a 5-Star Amazon review, “So, my 19-mo started a new daycare, and they mandate that you begin potty training at 15 months. Since we were already behind the curve, I started looking, searching, for help. Came across this chart, and gotta say, I recommend it to everyone who is starting the process! Little ones are no different than us, they want that instant gratification. Combine this with a silly song and dance and you'll be potty trained in no time. I only wish the magnets were of stronger quality. As she started seeing me move them on good days, she started trying to do the same, but they would fall off easily and I'd have to make sure I watched her. Otherwise, great tool and good luck!”

Trelakopela also says in another 5-Star Amazon review, “I ordered PutskA Potty Training Magnetic Motivational Reward Chart for Toddlers (Arctic Animal Theme). This chart is well made. Has met expectations as well. I must have missed the part where it mentions its magnetic — the markers used, which I thought were simply stickers. This should hold up for a while. I really hope it helps motivate my toddler, who’s been a bit stubborn about letting the diaper go and using the potty. I’m using it as a reward chart once he goes so many times he gets a surprise.

The review goes on to say, “The construction is hard, like cardboard composite, but it’s not indestructible. I can see some bending from the lack of packaging from shipment, not a deal breaker for me. It’s glossy too. Should be able to use dry erase markers on this too, but I need to confirm this. Overall, it’s great. I was going to make one myself, but don’t have to now! Great concept!”


Parents can learn more about PutskA and their wide range of baby products by visiting the company’s website. Furthermore, they can shop for PutskA potty chart on Amazon.


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