Putsk A Introduces New Pacifier Clip For Baby Girls

PutskA is proud to introduce their new pacifier clips for girls. The high quality clips come in 4-pack sets and feature modern designs made for baby girls. They are made from non-toxic materials and designed to fit all pacifiers or soothers. PutskA is a favorite among parents in search of baby accessories thanks to the quality of the company’s products, and the pacifier clips for girls are the latest in a long line of high quality products. One can shop for PutskA pacifier clips on Amazon.

The clips feature designs that would look great on baby girls and are made of non-toxic materials, which means parents need not worry if their daughters somehow manage to get the clips in their mouths (as young children are wont to do).

“No more falling on the floor or rolling under the couch,” says the product’s Amazon listing. “A clean pacifier always for your newborn, infant or toddler. The strap of our pacifier clips is long enough to keep your baby happy but will not tangle nor endanger your child in any way. It’s made of soft, quality, waterproof, washable and durable polyester. The correct length to hold the pacifier in place without it interfering. The clip is made of BPA, phthalate, latex and zero-lead plastic. This durable and comfortable to use material protects your baby’s clothing from nasty, hard to remove stains that you can get with the metal types, and it’s safe for your baby's teeth if they chew on it.”

The clips are highly versatile and can be used to hold baby teething toys or any other lightweight accessory that can hang safely on a baby’s clothing. The clips make a great gift for baby showers, expecting parents or as a gift for the birth of a new baby. The trendy design means that one can prepare in advance and have the gift in hand once the baby is born, ready to make the new parents happy.

The clips have been very well received by customers, with many buyers having left 5-Star reviews on Amazon and other platforms. One can check PutskA on FB to see what people are saying about the company and their products. One top-rated review from a customer on Amazon says, “If you are like we are, constantly dropping these things on the floor or losing pacifiers all over the place, then you definitely need one of these clips. Although they are pretty long, they are well made, the designs are flattering for my taste and they do the job (most important part)! If you are dying to the insanity of constant washing of pacifiers or losing them altogether, you should definitely get these clips. They are affordable and adorable. I cycle through a couple of them a day. I hand wash them and leave them to dry as I clip a new one on. These things have probably prevented many hostile moments, and that alone makes them worth it!”

PutskA is owned and run by Lily and Ben, who founded PutskA when their second child was born. Using their experience as parents, Lily and Ben knew exactly what their baby and other babies need, and so designed their products with this in mind. They create all their products to be simple and easy to use yet chic and stylish — while also taking the safety of the child into consideration. Lily and Ben branched out into toddler products as well as their child grew, and they hope to continue to produce more high quality products as they learn more about what children and their parents want and need.

“We believe that raising children requires love, care and responsibility,” says PutskA in a statement proudly displayed on their website. “We give special importance that all our products will be safe and functional with excellent quality. Our products are made from environmentally-friendly materials and non-toxic organic fabrics to keep our children safe. We believe our children deserve a future. They are going to inherit this place someday and deserve to get a nicer planet. That's why, in addition to making our products from eco-friendly materials, we try to reduce our packaging amount and to produce them from recycled or perishable materials as much as we can.”

Visit PutskA online for more information on their products. Additional details can be found on their Amazon listing as well.


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