Putsk A Introduces Arctic Animal Themed Potty Training Chart

PutskA, a company that offers baby essentials, is pleased to announce the launch of their Arctic animal themed potty training chart that can be used by both boys and girls. This PutskA Potty Training Chart is decorated with Arctic animals that most kids love and these can help in motivating the children to do their best during the potty training process. This can help make the kids get excited about the process and keep them engaged through an effective reward system. Those who want to learn more about this particular potty training chart may want to visit PutskA website.

Every time the child completes a task, a round magnet sticker with an emoji is placed on a particular slot on the potty training chart. There are five tasks that the child has to do each time the potty is used and each action is illustrated with an Arctic animal. Each time the child completes a row, which means all five tasks were done, a star magnetic sticker can be placed on the chart and a small reward can be provided, such as a snack or toy. Once the child is able to fill up all rows, a bigger reward may be provided, such as a bigger toy, a medal, or a fun day out.

PutskA Potty Training Chart

Lily Nathan, owner of PutskA, says, “This potty training chart is crafted from the highest quality baby-safe materials and includes 5 important steps that a child must take during potty training. It encourages your kids by rewarding them for every step of the process, from asking to go potty up to washing their hands. Each step successfully completed gets a bright sticker as a reward. This is a perfect gift for a toddler who has reached potty training age and needs some encouragement.”

The PutskA has ensured that quality materials were used for the manufacturer of the Potty Training Chart and the magnetic stickers. Water-resistant paper was used for the chart, which means that parents can hang it on the bathroom wall and they won’t have to worry about the chart getting wet or smudged. A door hanger has also been included to make it easier to install in the bathroom. Those who would like to get more details about this product may also want to check Putska on FB.

PutskA offers a number of tips for parents in order to initiate the potty training process. First of all, parents may want to buy a potty training book and then use it to explain to their child what potty training is all about and what is expected from the kid. Second, the parent has to ensure that the child is ready, physically and mentally. Third, the parent may help the child get used to using the potty by allowing him or her to sit on the potty or toilet before bath and while he or she is already naked. And fourth, the parent can teach the child to have a regular time for using the potty, such as after waking up, before going to bed or taking a nap, before going out of the house or before going to school, or before or after meals.

Those who have tried the PutskA Potty Training Chart have had highly positive things to say about it. For instance, Fred gave the potty training chart five stars and said, “If you are going thru this for the first time this is a good place to start. The chart has a hanger to hang it on the doorknob or I would just lean it on the back of the sink or even hang it on a nail on the wall. It is a paper product but will resist a little splashed water and hold up for a period of time. The stars and faces are magnets similar to magnets you would use to hold a photo on the side of your refrigerator or a metal door. The nickel-sized magnets will outlast the chart and likely be repurposed around the house. Like everything that will be in reach of a toddler, keep in mind that the magnets are colorful and may look tasty to a toddler.”


Parents who would like to know more about this Arctic animal themed potty training chart and may want to shop for PutskA Potty Chart on Amazon can visit their Amazon page.


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