Putsk A Diaper Caddy Saves Space And Helps Parents To Be Organized

PutskA, a company that offers baby essentials, wants to emphasize that the PutskA diaper caddy can help parents organize the various baby items like diapers to save on space, especially on the diaper changing table. This diaper caddy organizer can make a parent’s life easier when it comes to organizing the baby supplies. Measuring 15 inches by 9 inches by 7 inches, this diaper caddy is bigger that most baby caddies/ organizers. It has adjustable modular T dividers, which allow the diaper caddy to hold baby supplies of various sizes. Those who want to learn more about this diaper caddy may want to visit PutskA Amazon page.

Lily Nathan, owner of PutskA, says, “With our diaper caddy, parents can enjoy a highly versatile, compact and ample-spaced baby supply organizer, for all their daily needs. Our foldable nursery organizer features a high-end, felt material build that is silky-soft & mighty sturdy, a protective ribbon that prevents scratching, and premium Velcro material that keeps the dividers firmly in place. From diapers, baby wipes and bottles, to toys, books and baby supplies, our organizer can accommodate everything and be a highly portable diaper bag that keeps you prepared at home, or on the go.”

PutskA Diaper Caddy

The PutskA diaper caddy comes with two pieces of pacifier clips and two pieces of organic cotton bandana drool bibs for both boys and girls. This is a foldable nursery organizer that is produced using high quality felt material that is safe for the baby and is environment-friendly at the same time. With its deep and wide pockets, this diaper caddy can provide the parent access to any baby item that is stored there.

Furthermore, the PutskA diaper caddy has a protective ribbon that boosts its durability while adding elegance and style. Its modular dividers are helpful in reinforcing the caddy from three sides, and along with its sturdy bottom, provide a more durable overall caddy construction. In addition, it is provided with flexible and extra long handles for an easy and secure grip, ensuring that the caddy is easy to carry and bring along with the baby. Those who would like to know more about the company and their products may want to check Putska on FB.

Customers who have already ordered and tried the PutskA diaper caddy have mostly positive things to say about it. In fact, this product has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon after 2,507 reviews. For instance, Jennifer gave the diaper caddy a 5 star rating and said, “The caddy is super sturdy, well made and I’m so very happy with it. It has centralized everything I need for diaper changes and a lot of other things I need for baby. Now I can take all my supplies upstairs and downstairs easily and I don’t have to worry about multiple trips or forgetting anything!”

Kristen B. from Canada also gave the product five stars and said, “Since my daughter started rolling and crawling and just generally being on the move nearly every waking minute, we've abandoned our change table and opted to change diapers in the living room out of convenience. What hasn't been convenient though is the diapers and wipes and cream etc. ending up in random spots around the house. This caddy is the absolute perfect solution. It's got tons of pockets and detachable dividers, it's stylish and fits just right tucked beside the sofa. Aside from the caddy itself being perfect it also came with 2 bibs, 2 pacifier clips and an adorable little card, which would make it the perfect baby shower gift, card and all! The bibs are so soft and the clips are super cute (one is missing from the photo because it got put to use right away). I honestly couldn't be more pleased.”

PutskA was established by Lily and Ben Nathan when their second child was born. As such, their experience has already taught them what are the important needs of babies and parents. They have made it their mission to offer stylish and well-designed practical baby products, with a focus on quality, comfort, design, and premium materials.


Those who want to shop for PutskA diaper caddy on Amazon may want to check out the PutskA Amazon page.


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