Pulaski Tennessee Residents Turn to Resurgence Behavioral Health for Effective Addiction Treatment

Pulaski, TN – The epidemic of addiction in America is not just a matter of overindulgence gone wrong. Anyone can find themselves struggling with substance abuse, mental health, or (as is often the case) both. Residents of Pulaski, Tennessee who need such help are finding effective treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

The nationwide network of addiction treatment centers provides evidence-based therapies for substance use disorders involving alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications. It also provides therapy for mental health conditions that often accompany addiction, such as anxiety and depression. Clients can receive the entire continuum of care at Resurgence, from medically assisted detox through residential and outpatient rehab, with aftercare and follow-up programs that support the transition into new lives free from addiction.

addiction treatment center in Tennessee from Resurgence

The need for such care is growing in Pulaski and neighboring communities in Tennessee. According to the 2021 Annual Overdose Report by the Tennessee Department of Health, 2,089 Tennesseans died of drug overdoses in 2019. That’s a 15% increase over the previous year, primarily driven by rising numbers of overdoses involving fentanyl and methamphetamine. More Tennesseans died of overdoses from fentanyl than from prescription opioids, the report says, “a trend that reflects the shift from prescription to illicit drugs in the overdose crisis.

For Pulaski-area residents who need help for substance use disorder, Resurgence seeks to reveal the root causes of addiction and offer customized solutions that address each person’s individual needs. Resurgence understands that the addiction experience is different for each person, so treatment cannot be a “one size fits all” plan but must be designed for the client’s unique journey to recovery.

That starts with the recognition of how complex addiction can be. Drug or alcohol addiction is often more than a single condition. It can be part of a more profound emotional or psychological disorder. Statistics reported by the National Institute of Mental Health show that about half of people experiencing a substance use disorder are also dealing with an accompanying mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorder or schizophrenia.

Treating this dual diagnosis requires a holistic plan that approaches the two disorders as a single condition that cannot be managed separately.

Many people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate their depression or anxiety. Therapy may have to delve into the past to reveal traumatic episodes that could have led to the client’s depression and then to their addiction. If the underlying causes of the addiction are not resolved, the need for self-medication will continue and relapse is likely to occur.

Resurgence extends this holistic approach to the setting it provides to clients. Its facilities are comfortable and serene to make recovery as physically pleasant as possible. Resurgence serves meals prepared by an on-site chef and offers games and outdoor activities. Clients are allowed to smoke outside, can enjoy TV in their rooms and are allowed cellphones after a two-week stabilization period.

Clients get two unique kinds of emotional support at Resurgence. Addicted couples can attend addiction treatment (while living in separate accommodations), and pets are allowed. Resurgence believes recovery is aided when partners are equally motivated to find sobriety. And the emotional connection between people and their pets also cannot be over-emphasized.

The plush surroundings and personalized treatment are not intended simply to pamper the clients, but to remove as much physical stress as possible so that patients can relax and focus entirely on their recovery. Resurgence has residents from all over TN coming into their Fayetteville location, including people from Nashville seeking addiction treatment.

Anyone searching for addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one can begin the process of recovery by visiting Resurgence Behavioral Health online or calling 855-458-0050 any time, day or night. Calls are 100% confidential.


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