PSS Names the 11 Best UK International Shipping Companies for 2021

PSS International Removals has just posted a blog that names the 11 best international shipping companies in the UK for 2021. They posted this blog because they realize that the world is now more interconnected than ever and those that are moving overseas need options to get their possessions to them when they arrive. Some of the companies that made the list are extremely famous ones like Maersk and Hapag Lloyd and there are other lesser-known international shippers such as USA-based Tropical Shipping on the list too. PSS themselves made the list as a company that is solely focused on overseas removals and uses a network of carriers to help expedite the process of shipping goods overseas for their customers.

In the blog, it mentions that the order of the list is of no particular importance. That’s because all of the companies that made the list are established players in the international shipping world, but different shipping lines are more suitable for different destinations. Some deal with personal shipments that can go anywhere in the world and others only serve specific regions or can handle everything from bulk shipments to household removals.

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As the world’s largest international shipping company, it’s no surprise that Maersk made the list. They have the distinction of holding a whopping 15% of the world’s existing container capacity. It takes a fleet comprised of over 600 vessels traveling to over 370 ports to move all of the goods that this company carries each year. They also have warehouse space at over 50 of these ports too. The Maersk company Sealand was also mentioned in the blog as they focus on intra-regional shipping within continents and is recommended for Mediterranean destinations such as Cyprus and Malta.

PSS is one of the more unique international shippers on the list in the blog article. They are known for giving their customers a more personal experience when those customers need to have their possessions shipped overseas. They say that’s something that’s often lacking when someone is trying to deal with a big shipping line that handles many high-volume customers. This company is still able to ship good goods all over the world and that includes such destinations as Australia, New Zealand, America, Singapore, and India. Their services also go a step further than most container shipping companies because they ensure that the goods that are shipped are packed correctly to avoid damage and PSS also takes care of the import and customs procedures. This company even has shipping connections available that allow them to negotiate some very favorable rates for its customers. They do a great job of eliminating the one-size-fits-all scenario that often goes along with international removal services. PSS also ships everything from large size goods such as cars and the contents of entire homes to smaller lots of items such as excess baggage and boxes.

Another huge international shipper on the list, that is part of an alliance along with Hapag Lloyd and Yang Ming, is the Japanese joint venture Ocean Network Express (ONE). ONE’s ships are easily recognizable by their bright pink shipping containers. Alone they are the 6th biggest international shipping company in the world but their alliance gives them advantages that other big shipping companies do not have. Also making the list of the 11 best UK international shipping companies in 2021 is the more regionally focused Deutsche Afrika Linien (DAL). They are a privately owned German shipping company that specializes in both general freight and container services. They offer international shipping services to counties located in Africa, Europe, the Mediterranean, and those that have borders on the Indian Ocean. Among the other international shippers that made the list in the blog article are Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), and CMA-CGM.

For those that would like more information on PSS’s more personal international removal and shipping services to such countries as Hong Kong, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, and Dubai, they can contact the company by phone, email, or fill out the ‘quick quote form’ which is found at the top of their website’s homepage.


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