PSS International Removals Provides Updated Guide to Cheap Shipping to New Zealand

PSS International Removals, a Croydon, UK-based international removals company, has provided an updated guide on the cheapest way to ship to New Zealand from the UK. This is important because at present, there is a high demand for New Zealanders migrating home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, postal and parcel services, such as Royal Mail, will only ship small quantities, while courier services and airline excess baggage are too costly. The only remaining viable option is the use of personal shipping services, such as the one provided by PSS International Removals.

Liam Witham, CEO of PSS International Removals, says, “If you’re moving to New Zealand, you’ll no doubt want to minimise the costs of your shipping. However, although you are keen to get the cheapest shipping from UK to NZ you can, you need to be careful of quotes that are considerably cheaper than others, as they could cost you more further down the line.”

Container shipping to New Zealand

He continues, “If you are ready to relocate and are interested in finding out just how much it will cost to move to New Zealand, we urge you to contact us today to receive a completely free, no-obligation quote from one of our team. They can discuss options with you to ensure you get the lowest price when shipping to New Zealand with us.”

People who are moving to New Zealand will want to minimise the cost of shipping boxes. Instead of using the postal service, it may be better to use a box shipping service. This involves putting the mover’s various belongings in boxes that are provided by the shipping company. The more boxes to be shipped, the cheaper will be the cost per box. There is also the option of the movers packing the boxes themselves but the shipping company may also offer a packing service, which can make things much easier for movers.

Meanwhile, PSS International Removals has a team of professional box shippers who have 39 years of experience in shipping boxes to New Zealand. Movers can can send anything from a single box through a air freight to a whole house shipment packed in several containers that makes use of a sea freight service.

PSS International Removals offers services to people who need to ship household goods or personal effects to New Zealand. Whether the mover is a UK migrant shipping furniture and belongings from a whole house, or a New Zealand expat returning home with just a few boxes and suitcases, the company can manage and coordinate the whole process for the client. The company’s overseas shipping to New Zealand service is intended to make the movers’ transition to their life in New Zealand as trouble-free as possible. Their professional teams can fully organise the client’s UK to New Zealand shipment, including customs and assistance with documents.

PSS International Removals offers household removals, box and baggage shipping, and vehicle shipping. People who are moving can discover how much it would cost to move house overseas. The company’s website has a free online International Removal Cost Calculator, which takes into account the volume of household goods that are to be shipped. The cost calculator provides an estimate of the cost by considering the total cost of the overseas removal, including packing, shipping, customs clearance, and door-to-door pickup and delivery.

With regards to their baggage shipping service, PSS has been sending excess baggage and suitcases internationally for almost 39 years. For this, Sea Freight is the slowest but it offers a low-cost and reliable excess baggage service. Standard Air Freight is advised for those who want to get their luggage as quickly as possible. Naturally, it is more costly to ship baggage through air freight. Express Air Freight is also available for those who prefer premium service, getting the baggage to its destination in the fastest time possible.

Those who are interested in shipping various items from the UK to New Zealand can visit the PSS International Removals website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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