PSS International Removals Launches International Removals Cost Calculator

PSS International Removals, a Croydon, UK-based international removals company, is happy to announce that they have recently launched their new international removals cost calculator. This tool, which is now available on their website, provides anyone with an easy way to get an estimate of the cost of moving overseas from the UK. It will only require approximately 60 seconds to receive an estimate. Users only need to enter their UK postcode, the estimated size of the move, the estimated move date, and the city and country they are moving to.

This is a unique calculator in that it considers all costs for removals and not just the shipping rates that most calculators consider. These other costs include packaging materials like quality cartons and export wrapping for furniture; haulage costs to and from the port; export packing service; door to door pickup and delivery; and customs clearance. The calculator is regularly updated to ensure that it always takes into account fluctuating container shipping costs and the latest exchange rates. It computes container shipping costs for overseas removals from the UK to countries like the US, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand. It also considers the road freight costs for those who are moving from the UK to countries in Europe, such as France, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

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Liam Witham, CEO of PSS International Removals, says, “We hope our new cost calculator tool will be very useful for people moving overseas from the UK. With so much uncertainty regarding international shipping rates at the current time, people need a reliable place to get the required info. Because it is not possible to tell exactly the volume people wish to ship, the calculator will give 3 prices for a small, typical and large property of that size.”

Once people are ready to move, PSS will provide a free visit from an International Removals Surveyor to obtain a more accurate evaluation of what the customer wants to ship. Customers may also request advice on certain matters, such as how to prepare certain items for shipping and the shipping process.

It is important to note that PSS is FIDI FAIM accredited, which means that PSS is a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) and that they conform to the most rigorous, all-encompassing quality programme for international moving companies. The FAIM Quality Standard has more than 200 defined quality requirements that take into account all aspects of an international mover company’s services and operations. There is also an associated FAIM Certification Programme that will make sure that every FIDI FAIM certified company will maintain the expected high level of quality at all times.

The FAIM Quality Standard includes a series of requirements for all certified companies. These include consistent quality of service; compliance with international regulations and industry standards; supply chain performance; and financial stability. The FAIM Compliance Procedure has a three-year cycle, with an extensive on-site audit performed every third year. The FAIM on-site audit is a key step in the procedure to ensure that that company totally complies with all of the latest FAIM requirements.

Founded in 1982 as a personal shipping services company, PSS International Removals has been in the business of shipping people’s belongings from the UK to overseas countries. They serve the needs of both migrants and expats who are moving from the UK to various destinations abroad. And they have designed this overseas shipping service to make sure that their clients’ move to live abroad would be easy, convenient, and trouble-free. Whether the client plans to move a few boxes or a whole household, including a car, they will always completely organise the shipment, including providing assistance with customs clearance and advice on the required documents. At present, PSS has evolved into one of the biggest and most respected international removal and shipping companies in the UK.

Those who would like to know more about the cost calculator and the services provided by PSS International Removals can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. People can also check out PSS Removals on Twitter.


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