PSS International Removals Continues To Serve UK Customers Despite COVID - 19

Croydon based PSS International Removals is reporting that, since the coronavirus lockdown has eased in the UK, they have seen a surge in enquiries from people interested in moving abroad. It had been thought that, with the restrictions on international travel due to COVID-19, people would be put off relocating, but that has not been the case.

Whilst many industries have been struggling, PSS International Removals has been experiencing record numbers of enquiries into their operations. July and August enquiries have gone up 114% compared to what they were in April during the lockdown, and are 18.5% up on their July / August levels for 2019. This shows the underlying eagerness that their clients have to move, and that the coronavirus has, if anything, increased peoples’ determination.

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Liam Witham, Managing Director of PSS International Removals states, "There is a latent demand from people whose moves were delayed by the coronavirus lockdown, but we have also seen many people take this opportunity to reassess their life choices. Many people have brought forward their moving plans, and those moving to Europe ahead of Brexit in particular have a sense of urgency. Others who have been teetering on the edge of deciding whether to move or not have now decided to make the leap. People are taking this opportunity to make a new start in life."

The international removals company states that, while this was expected, they also noted a trend of expats working in the UK who have decided to return home, taking advantage of the buoyant housing market that enabled them to sell their home and move quickly. The interest in UK nationals moving overseas is also very high, showing that a significant percentage of people are making preparations and planning their moves in order to be ready as soon as borders re-open.

“We have seen many expats from countries such as USA, Australia and New Zealand who have decided to cut short their stay in the UK due to the economic and travel disruption caused by the coronavirus epidemic and return home,” says Liam Witham, “Many are young people in the hospitality sector who have lost their jobs, and others who believe their families will have a better future back home.”

Another driver is the UK’s imminent departure from the European Union which is prompting some EU expats to return home, but also many more British nationals make the move to the continent.

"Even Brexit comes into play in this situation, as many Brits are looking to move out of the country before the end of the transition period," states Liam Witham. "Many of the enquiries we receive are from people who need to move urgently. Most of our prospective clients are planning to move towards the end of this year and in 2021."

With all of these pressing circumstances in place, Witham states that the interest in starting a new life overseas among UK residents has never been greater. Fortunately, companies like PSS International Removals UK have put their best minds at work developing a solution that will allow them to continue offering reliable services. These companies faced difficulties during the lockdown, as removal services were suspended to help stop the spread of COVID-19, while box and baggage shipping services were able to continue. Currently, even whilst travel is disrupted, international shipping is able to continue, allowing people to ship their belongings ahead of their flights.

PSS International Removals can help their clients plan, organize and safely carry out their international moves. They possess an outstanding reputation for their international removals from the UK, and they are known across the country as one of the most capable and experienced in the field. Their international removal services are divided depending on each client's needs, covering anything from full or part house removals — from furniture in shipping containers to small moves with just boxes and luggage.

The company's website offers more details in PSS International Removals and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Liam Witham to follow up on any enquiries. Additionally, they may also connect with the company through their official social media pages. Their Facebook page is available here:


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