PSS International Helps Migrant Workers With Removals To Australia

Croydon, London based PSS International Removals is taking the initiative to aid critical migrant workers moving to Australia with home removals during the pandemic. It had been thought that, with the restrictions on international travel due to COVID-19, people would be put off relocating, but this has not been the case.

In response to the Australian government opening up migration for priority skills, such as in the fields of medicine, construction and IT, PSS International Removals is now offering their assistance with removals to Australia. Previously, all travelers (including those in possession of skilled migration work visas) had been prevented from entering Australia, and Australian nationals had been limited by the strict quarantine measures set in place due to the ongoing pandemic.

Though many industries have been struggling, PSS International Removals has been experiencing record numbers of enquiries into their operations. July and August enquiries have gone up 114% compared to what they were in April during the lockdown and are 18.5% up on their July / August levels for the previous year (2019). This illustrates the underlying eagerness that their clients have to move and that the coronavirus has, if anything, increased peoples’ determination to migrate.

People with professional experience on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List can apply for a visa and exemption to travel during this period. Liam Witham, Managing Director at PSS International Removals, states, “Throughout the pandemic, we have been helping Australian expats return home. Now, we are pleased to be able to open our removal service to migrants who can gain exemption from the travel restrictions.”

He goes on to add that, “The new Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List is an important signal that the Australian government sees the skilled migration programme playing an important role in Australia’s recovery from the economic impact of COVID-19. While it is currently limited to certain occupations, we expect to see this widened to include many other professions next year.” The company points out that there are 17 new occupations that have been added to the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List this year. Just last month, PSS released a list of the top 50 jobs most in demand in Australia, based on the Occupation Ceilings for the Skilled Migration Shortage List.

Some of the occupations on this list include Chief Executive or Managing Director, Construction Project Manager, Mechanical Engineer, Practitioner, Resident Medical Officer, Psychiatrist, Midwife, Registered Nurse, Software Engineer and Maintenance Planner.

Witham further states that, "There is a latent demand from people whose moves were delayed by the coronavirus lockdown, but we have also seen many people take this opportunity to reassess their life choices. Many people have brought forward their moving plans, and those moving to Europe ahead of Brexit in particular have a sense of urgency. Others who have been teetering on the edge of deciding whether to move or not have now decided to make the leap. People are taking this opportunity to make a new start in life." Many of these people are applying for visas and planning their migration to Australia with PSS during the latter part of 2020 or in the year 2021.

PSS International Removals can assist their clients in planning, organizing and safely carrying out their international moves. The company possesses an outstanding reputation for their international removal process to Australia, and they have a great reputation across the country as one of the most capable and experienced in the field. As the company aims to aid their clients with a smooth and efficient removal process, their international removal services are divided depending on each client's needs, covering situations from full or part house removals to including furniture in shipping containers as well as small moves with boxes and luggage alone. The company also offers clients the choice of moving freight by air or by sea. Learn more here:

The company's website offers more details about PSS International Removals and their services. You can reach out to Liam Witham to follow up on any enquiries by phone or email as well. Interested parties may also connect with the company through their official social media pages.


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