Provider of Used Car Parts in Milton, FL Highlights the New Challenges Faced by the Recycling Industry

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Milton, Fla. – Butler’s Auto Recycling has been a part of the recycling industry since 1977, providing affordable used car parts in Milton, FL and conducting business with a focus on both integrity and excellence. They have always been proud to be a part of the recycling industry, promoting good and effective practices each day, but unfortunately, because the recent pandemic has changed the way people consume, it has affected the recycling industry as well. Butler’s Auto Recycling wants to help spread the word that recycling is more important now than ever.

The most significant change that the pandemic has brought to the recycling industry is the shift of the recycling stream. It has moved to the residential sector, whereas before, the bulk of recycling happened within the business world. This shift occurred because the pandemic drove people to purchase more online than from brick-and-mortar stores, causing boxes and packaging to find their way into residential homes much more frequently than before.

This poses a problem because recycling is more difficult in the residential sector. When a business has loads of cardboard, it is easy to separate it out and make sure it is not contaminated with non-recyclable material. However, this is not the case for residential homes. Unlike a business that has significantly more cardboard than any other material, households have a very wide variety of different materials– some recyclable and some not. Within the busyness of life, it is easy for family members to make a mistake and throw an item into the recycling bin that is only partially recyclable.

Because many businesses are currently operating on reduced hours and are not selling as much in-person than they are online, the best way to solve the issue at hand regarding recycling practices is to educate the residential sector and make it known to them that the responsibility of recycling now rests heavier on their shoulders.

As a dedicated auto recycling company, Butler’s Auto Recycling is passionate about making known the importance of reusing materials whenever possible. They partake in this practice by salvaging used auto parts and giving customers the opportunity to not only reuse scarce materials but to repair and improve their vehicles at an affordable price. For more details about Butler’s Auto Recycling, visit their website at or give them a call at (850) 564-6566.


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