Provider of Ear Care in Cullman, AL is Pleased to Announce the Release of their Newly Developed Hearing Device

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Cullman, Ala. – As a company comprised of hearing professionals providing ear care in Cullman, AL, Beltone USA is proud to announce that they are now offering a brand-new hearing aid called the Beltone Imagine. This hearing device took Beltone USA over ten years to perfect, and they are excited to finally see their patients reaping the benefits of this device’s state-of-the-art technology.

The Beltone Imagine hearing aid utilizes new technology within the ear canal. The trick is that it uses a microphone, as well as a receiver simultaneously, allowing the user to hear with more depth perception and localization. This makes Beltone Imagine the most natural-sounding hearing aid available.

“One of the unexpected disappointments for many hearing aid users is the unnatural sound produced by popular Receiver-in-Ear styles,” states Dr. John Nelson, vice president, GN Audiology & Medical Affairs. “By figuring out how to eliminate feedback, we were able to add a microphone directly in the ear canal.  This delivers sound the way we are more naturally accustomed to hearing. Even our own voices sound ‘normal.’ We think this advancement will get more people to use hearing aids.”

When purchasing Beltone Imagine hearing aids, one can choose from eight different colors to match their skin tone or hair color. In addition, a Beltone Imagine user will enjoy lifetime care and protection services because these hearing aids come with automatic enrollment in BelCare.

Beltone USA is a hearing loss clinic in Cullman, AL that provides their patients with the latest hearing aid technology, striving to give each patient the optimal solution for their hearing loss. For more information regarding the Beltone Imagine hearing device or other types of hearing aids, give Beltone USA a call today at (770) 577-2360 or visit them online at


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