Provider of Corporate Awards Discusses the Increased Award Utilization Within the Tech Industry

Woodinville, WA – As a provider of corporate awards in Woodinville, WA, Northwest Trophy and Awards keeps a close eye on changes, progressions, and advancements in the awards industry. Right now, they are discussing the rise in popularity of award utilization within the tech industry.

The tech industry has grown rapidly in the recent past, to the point where some major tech products and services have almost become commodities. This has increased the importance of tech companies figuring out ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. One way they have been able to do this is by utilizing award-winning to set themselves apart.

One of the best aspects of a company winning an award is the capital it creates. Anytime an award is won, a company can and should get the word out. They should talk about it on social media, as well as traditional channels of media. In the tech industry, when consumers see that a company has won an award that other companies did not, brand differentiation is enhanced. In fact, with all other factors stagnant, consumers are more likely to choose the award-winning company over other competitors, as the award provides the company extra credibility.

As a long-time provider of various different types of awards, Northwest Trophy and Awards understands the effectiveness of awards and is pleased to hear that the tech industry is positively utilizing award-winning.

For over 60 years, Northwest Trophy and Awards has provided their community with top-notch awards, personalized gifts, and custom plaques. It all began when the current owners’ grandfather purchased the company and fostered its growth by applying his business philosophy: "hard work and giving customers the best of your product, time and talent.” The current owners still deem it important to conduct business with these principles, the way their grandfather did. For further information regarding products, pricing, or other inquires, peruse their online catalogs: or give the showroom a call at (425) 485-4149.


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