Provider of Awards and Gifts is Now Offering Personalized Gifts for the Holidays

Woodinville, WA – Christmas shopping can be fun and nostalgic, but as everyone knows, it can also be a little stressful. There are always those one or two people who are difficult to find a gift for; perhaps they refuse to vocalize what they want, or maybe they often keep to themselves, making them difficult to get to know. Northwest Trophy and Awards are striving to remedy this common problem by offering a selection of personalized gifts that are perfect for almost anyone, even the most difficult-to-shop-for individuals.

One of the gift items that Northwest Trophy and Awards offer is a metal ballpoint and a roller ball pen with blue jewels inside a slick gift box. This gift is especially great for a boss, a co-worker, or an extended family member, such as a grandparent or an uncle. This gift starts at $29.00 per gift box, and the purchaser can add chosen text to personalize the gift with. They also offer a clear glass gift box with a smooth side and a lid. This box also starts at $29.00 and can be engraved with words and a picture or logo.

Northwest Trophy and Awards has seen the difference it makes when a gift is personalized, rather than generic. The receiver feels even more special and appreciated when they open a gift that has their name or something personal to them on it.

Northwest Trophy and Awards has been serving their community for over 60 years, providing them with a wide variety of customizable items, such as trophies, acrylic awards, promotional items, glass items, and corporate awards. During this season, it is their hope that some of the holiday shopping stress will be lifted when their customers peruse their selection of personalized gift items. To view this selection, visit their website at, or for further inquiries, give Northwest Trophy and Awards a call at (425) 485-4149.


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