Proudly Offers New Ways To Pay Securely

Proudly, one of the Secure Credit Card Processing Companies in Bluffton, SC, is offering new ways to pay securely in this digital age.

With the popularity of automated electronic transactions for payment processes between a merchant and a consumer, a data breach can be possible. Unsafe payment processors allow a thief to access a customer’s payment information, and even of the business’. That is why credit card fraud is rampant nowadays.

However, using the right payment method can save any business from unauthorized transactions. The software and hardware used in the processing, verification, and acceptance need to be secure. With Proudly, merchants, especially small businesses, are assured of secure transactions. Their new payment method offerings have a valid credit card security system that protects both the owner and the customer from unauthorized transactions.

There are two most preferred consumer payment methods used nowadays. These include the Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV) and the Near Field Communications (NFC) payments. Proudly introduces these two new payment methods in Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC.

The Best Credit Card Processing Online for Small Business in Bluffton, SC, says that EMV payment technology is preferred by many because it has several security features that protect card users from data card skimming and duplication. The card has enhanced security and is accepted globally. EMV cards have an integrated CVV that can only be decrypted by an issuing bank. The counterfeit card will lack this encrypted data and cannot be used to make any transactions.

EMV also provides a second layer of protection by requiring the owner to enter a personal identification number (PIN) when checking out. The technology makes it hard for a fraudster to use a stolen card unless they know the PIN. With its robust security features, businesses should have payment terminals that can read and accept EMV cards.

Another safe payment option used by businesses around the globe is NFC, a method utilizing the customer’s mobile device and an NFC reader. The tools should be near, allowing the transfer of data. Instead of dipping or swiping, a consumer can wave their smartphone across an NFC reader when authorizing transactions.

Meanwhile, to maximize the benefits of EMV and NFC payments, Proudly likewise offers the best payment processing services in SC. For one, the company provides Point of Sale (POS) systems that can cater to different types of business and market. The payment service provider carries products such as MX Merchant, MX Express iOS+Android, Clover POS, Clover Flex, and Clover Mini.

The Top Payment Processor in Bluffton, SC, has been serving various industries for years now. These industries include food & beverage, professional services, e-commerce, and charity / non-profit organizations. They also cater to the wellness & healthcare industry, salon & spa, as well as hotels & lodging.

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