Prominent New Jersey Estate Lawyer Christine Matus Receives One More Positive Testimonial.

Monmouth County, New Jersey – Christine Matus, a highly rated estate lawyer, continues to add to her reputation and winning track record with yet another favorable client testimonial.

Client Jeff H. says:

Estate Lawyer

“I recently found myself with the task of dealing with the will and estate issues for my mother. I was recommended to the Matus Law Group, where I found attorneys with the experience and knowledge to assist me with my situation and other estate planning. They guided me through this unfamiliar process with professionalism and patience. I was very pleased with the service I received and will be using them for my personal planning in the near future. I highly recommend the Matus Law Group.”

Situated in Red Bank, NJ, and offering a service location in Monmouth County, New Jersey, the estate lawyer has been effective in assisting clients through the processes and hurdles of their cases. Estate settlement cases are some of the most complex undertakings in the practice of any estate planning attorney, but Christine Matus and her law office staff at Matus Law Group – Monmouth County work diligently to make certain that their estate planning clients are well represented in and out of the courtroom.

About estate planning, Christine Matus said:

“When you think of estate planning, you probably imagine an older couple with a large amount of wealth and possessions. It makes sense that they need to get their affairs in order to properly allocate their assets after they have both passed, but what role does estate planning have for you if you’re young? Even if you’re single with no children and few assets, an estate plan is still essential for you to have. Before you make any decisions, you should always consult with an experienced estate lawyer.”

Estate planning cases are known for their complicated nature and require plenty of attentiveness and knowledge of New Jersey estate laws.

Christine Matus goes on to explain:

“A comprehensive estate plan can help you prepare for the future today. From making sure your health directives are being followed to directing who will take care of your children, a comprehensive estate plan is simply a necessity in today’s world – no matter your net worth or marital status.”

Christine Matus and her team at Matus Law Group – Monmouth County, work tirelessly to make sure every aspect of an estate planning case is carefully evaluated, and all documents are prepared with the utmost care. But in addition to professionalism, the Matus Law Firm – Monmouth County and Christine Matus pride themselves on their ongoing efforts to represent all their clients in a way that exceeds that of a traditional estate lawyer. The law office takes a thoughtful and caring approach to each case, they strive to ensure that every client feels like a part of the family and that their clients know that Matus Law Firm – Monmouth County is there helping to protect their client’s rights both in and out of the courtroom.

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