Progressive Spine And Orthopaedics Offers Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics, based in Englewood, New Jersey, is pleased to be offering Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery services that help relieve neck and back pain. The clinic is run by Dr. Joshua S. Rovner and offers a wide range of medical treatment for most spine and orthopaedic issues.

The primary goal of minimally invasive spine surgery is to stabilize the spine and relieve pressure in the area due to instability, herniated discs, spinal tumors and other issues. It is an excellent alternative to open spine surgery for some patients and is associated with a number of benefits, including a faster recovery period and less physical trauma. As one of the top providers of minimally invasive spine surgery New Jersey has to offer, Dr. Rovner works diligently to provide patients with the quickest recovery times possible.

The conventional method of spine surgery is undertaken by making a large incision through the skin and muscle. This allows the surgeon to gain access to the underlying bone, along with a direct and clear view of the spine and surrounding structures. Minimally invasive surgery, on the other hand, involves making several small incisions through the skin only. Through that opening, the muscle is gently and temporarily moved, and the procedure is carried out with the assistance of advanced medical imaging and tiny surgical instruments which allow for great precision. Learn more about the regions serviced by the clinic here: GMB Location.

Many of Dr. Rovner’s patients inquire about their candidacy for minimally invasive spine surgery because the approach is associated with many appealing benefits. For example, patients who are ideal candidates can expect benefits such as smaller incisions, which in turn ensures minimal scarring and a reduced risk of damage to surrounding tissues and muscles. A patient will also be at a lower risk of infection, postoperative pain and blood loss, which contributes to a faster recovery period and shorter hospital stay. Most patients will also require far less rehabilitative therapy in the long run. It is worth noting that some minimally invasive spine surgeries can be performed using local anesthesia. In these cases, the general risks associated with anesthesia are eliminated as well.

One such procedure which can be done with a minimally invasive approach is the lumbar discectomy, which involves removing material from a herniated disc to alleviate pressure on the spinal nerve that is causing numbness, pain and a loss of strength. During this procedure, Dr. Rovner makes a small incision through the skin in the area of the affected disc. Through that opening, he gently moves the muscles aside so he can access the underlying bone. He then removes the disc material that is pressing on the nerve to fix the issue and alleviate the patient’s symptoms. Other procedures which can be done with a minimally invasive approach are the lumbar fusion surgery and the spinal decompression. Dr. Rovner’s many years of experience means that he is acutely aware of potential risks, but his skill and qualifications fortunately contribute to a drastic reduction in surgery-related complications.

A doctor will be able to confirm whether or not a patient is an ideal candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery. These procedures may not be appropriate for every patient, and in some cases the traditional, open approach will be safer and more effective. The practice notes, however, “if you’ve exhausted all conservative measures and your pain isn’t improving, we recommend looking into minimally invasive spine surgery so you have a well-rounded view of your options. During your initial consultation at his NJ office, Dr. Rovner will discuss the risks and benefits of this approach with you and help you determine if it’s in your best interests.” For regular updates about the clinic, one may visit the official Facebook page.

Through the hands of board-certified orthopedic and spine surgeon, Dr. Joshua S. Rovner, the clinic specializes in diagnosing the source of neck and back pain and achieving relief through minimally invasive surgery so that patients may resume their active lifestyles once again. To schedule a consultation or learn more about the treatment options offered by the clinic, one may visit the official website and social media channels. The clinic can also be contacted via phone or email.


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