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Evans, GA based Matthews Turf Management is offering their community an all-inclusive lawn service. With the hottest time of the year fast approaching, the company understands that many homeowners and businesses will want to do everything in their power to keep their lawns as healthy and functional as possible. If they require lawn fertilization, weed control and turf management, they need only contact Matthews Turf Management to get started.

With spring underway and summer approaching, many homeowners in Evans and beyond will want to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and the extended living space provided by their lawns. However, as many are also aware, a lawn cannot take care of itself, and a certain degree of investment is required to keep it neat, lush and free of weeds.

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Since Matthews Turf Management is a locally-owned and operated company, homeowners will quickly find that their lawn care service will not cost as much as it might at other providers. This is due to the fact that their prices are not contingent on fees charged by franchised turf management firms. The company also believes that their results speak for themselves — so clients need not sign on for extended contracts to avail their services.

Lawn fertilization, for instance, offers many benefits that cumulatively ensure a lawn will remain both attractive and healthy. To begin with, fertilization affords every part of the lawn the same opportunity to grow since it receives an even distribution of nutrients (which typically does not occur naturally, leading to uneven growth). This allows the lawn to grow thicker and more lush overall. Since the grass can grow thicker and healthier right from the root, this also means the lawn is less prone to damage from disease and pests.

According to the company, many lawn fertilizers also come with weed control treatments included, but some lawns may need extra help to prevent unwanted growths. Matthews Turf Management is an environmentally-conscious company, and they want their clients to enjoy the benefits of the best products on the market. As such, they exclusively use treatments that eliminate weeds without posing a risk to surrounding vegetation or animal life.

To accomplish all of this together, clients may wish to engage the company’s turf management services. Here, Matthews Turf Management handles every aspect of lawn care to ensure that fertilization, weed control, pre- and post-emergent application, pest control and so on are implemented for the type of grass and environment in question. Since the company makes it a point to discuss all their recommendations with the client at the outset, homeowners and businesses alike can rest assured that their lawns will be taken care of.

Matthews Turf Management approaches every job in this manner, seeking to build a frank relationship with each client to ensure there is little room for miscommunication and all their concerns are addressed. The company notably receives a great deal of business in the form of returning clients and referrals as a result, fueled by their community’s appreciation of the work they do.

In one review shared on the company’s Google profile, Jessica H. claims that the company’s work was, “Awesome! 10/10 recommend! I contacted Matt last month about treating my yard, and he came out the very next day to get started. He broke down the entire year's worth of treatments for me and explained the various payment options. He contacts me the day of each treatment and explains exactly what he is treating the yard with that day. He is quick to respond and answers any questions I may have about my lawn or his lawn services. I’ve only been using Matthews Turf Management for two months, and my yard already looks 1,000 times better!”

The company explains that maintaining honest and transparent communication with the client at every stage is a crucial aspect of their work. In addition to avoiding the risk of miscommunication, the company says keeping a homeowner apprised of progress on their lawn (and letting them know well in advance that a service may incur further charges) can help build trust. Matthews Turf Management seeks to make a healthy lawn a wholly stress-free endeavor for every member of their community, and trust makes this goal much easier to achieve since they feel more confident their property is in good hands.

All who would like to enjoy a weed-free, attractive outdoor space that has been tended by an experienced technician with a personal touch are invited to contact Matthew Klein of Matthews Turf Management to request a free quote. Since new customers can get 25% off their first lawn treatment, many will want to take advantage of this opportunity to experience the company’s high standards for themselves.


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