Professional Lawn Care And Tree Services Available In Weatherford, TX

Weatherford, TX based Yard Sharks Property Services, LLC is pleased to place their comprehensive lawn care and tree services at the disposal of local customers. The family owned-and-operated company has worked on hundreds of properties, and they are equally capable of taking care of commercial spaces as they are working in residential areas. Learn more about the company and the vast array of services they offer at the following link:

One of the main reasons a customer may prefer to choose Yard Sharks Property Services is the convenience they provide. Virtually every service a homeowner or business could possibly need is available under one roof, from lawn care to tree care and more. This saves everyone in their community time and effort looking for multiple providers for all the work they need done, which is especially helpful for large properties with varied landscapes and so on.

The team at Yard Sharks Property Services brings over 30 years of professional experience to every job along with purpose-built tools that are designed to help them finish their work both efficiently and expediently. As a result, a property owner can expect the company’s efforts to result in healthy landscaping that has the bonus effect of improved curb appeal. Since lawn care includes a certain degree of pest, insect and weed control, Yard Sharks Property Services can see to such matters as well.

Customers may expect a similarly high standard of service when they request the company’s assistance with their trees. Yard Sharks Property Services employs professional arborists who are accustomed to working with every kind of tree that may be present on a Texas property, and their primary goal is to ensure that their customers’ trees are healthy. Whether a tree needs trimming or pruning, the team will take no more action than what is strictly necessary, and their recommendations will always reflect this.

On the other, they also recognize that trees need to be removed altogether in certain situations, such as when they pose a risk to nearby residents or property. The company assures their community that they are able to perform tree removal in the safest manner possible, all but eliminating the risk of accidents. They also strongly discourage property owners from attempting to take a tree down by themselves. Given their enormous weight, the harm they can cause is significant and could lead to fatal consequences. A professional service should always be called when a tree needs to be removed. Yard Sharks Property Services offers stump grinding as well, so property owners need not be concerned about having to deal with the remains of the tree once it is felled.

Mark W. shares in their 5-Star review, “Yard Sharks was recommended to me and I was not disappointed! JD was on time, professional and the quality of work was unmatched! His attention to detail while doing my 1 Acre property was spot on from my multiple fence lines, edging and weed eating the perimeter of all my buildings and avoiding irrigation heads that we pointed out during the initial property walk through! JD wasn’t pushing extra services, unnecessary cut intervals, or unreasonable cost structures! JD was very straight up and very honest and trustworthy! You cannot go wrong with Yard Sharks! Outstanding service, quality and value!”

Bryan H. also indicates that the company offers a consistently excellent service, having used them on multiple occasions. Their review explains, “JD and the team from Yard Sharks are great to work with! They quote a fair price and perform work above expectations. We have three acres at Sugartree on the Brazos, and they took our lots from overgrown trees and heavy underbrush to wide open views of the golf course at a very reasonable price. We’ve used Yard Sharks on three separate occasions. Each time was money well spent.”

The team at Yard Sharks places a high priority on giving back to the community, and they view every job as an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of. As such, they are always proud to work with local homeowners and businesses who entrust their properties to the team’s expert care. Weatherford customers may contact JD Mitchell of Yard Sharks Property Services, LLC to inquire further. They may also connect with the company here:


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