Professional Excavation Services Available In Calgary

Calgary, AB based CNLC Construction is pleased to offer their excavation expertise and services to local property owners. The company provides a comprehensive suite of residential and commercial excavation services in Calgary, AB and surrounding areas.

According to the company, speed and efficiency are of paramount importance for almost any excavation job since this is often only the initial step that has to be taken before new construction projects can be set in motion. As such, the company understands that their clients appreciate contractors who can get the job done on time and within budget, a goal which their own team notably strives to fulfil at all times.

excavation projects in calgary

The company has a two-fold approach to delivering on this promise. For one, they rely exclusively on licensed contractors who are experienced with this aspect of construction work. On the other hand, this expertise is paired with modern equipment, and this combination serves to ensure that every job is completed as quickly as possible. This equipment and machinery may include excavators, bulldozers, trenchers and so on.

CNLC Construction is also eager to inform their community that the widespread image of big machines moving dirt and debris does not entirely cover the scope of the excavation services they provide. In addition to hauling dirt around, for instance, the company takes several actions to prepare excavation sites for other projects, such as backfilling or trenching. Furthermore, the team takes it upon themselves to ensure that the surrounding area will suffer no damage during the excavation process. Excavations can also be used to supply the material needed for certain backfilling projects, resulting in less waste.

When they arrive at a site, the first step they take is always to check the digging boundaries that have been set for the project. Any property not within these boundaries is carefully shielded or relocated (if possible) to ensure that excavation efforts remain confined to the assigned limits. A residential excavation, at this point, will see the team begin by excavating to the approved depth. They will then ensure the site is completely level and suits specifications as they carry out their excavating duties on the surrounding area. The final step is to pour the foundation.

Conveniently for property owners and developers, the company may also be contracted to provide demolition and removal services. They can demolish single-story residential buildings or two-story commercial buildings, for instance, following which the resulting dirt and debris can be hauled away to landfills or other designated areas.

According to CNLC Construction, their excavation professionals can also use site grading to correct the slope of an area prior to new construction being commenced. This is important because a level, evenly textured surface can help contractors lay a stronger foundation. The company states, “Clearing an area of dirt and debris via excavation is often not enough. Following an excavation, you will find that the land now has many uneven surfaces due to tread marks, accumulated dirt and so on. To deal with this, we can send in a grading contractor and a commercial grader to make sure the site is ready to be built on.”

The grading contractor’s task is to prepare a level base, and this step may have to take place prior to excavation in some cases. The same is true for the commercial grader, whose job is to remove any heavy slopes that would impede either excavation or construction efforts. Once a site has been prepared by these professionals, however, new construction projects may commence with minimal hassle. CNLC Construction adds that they place a high priority on client satisfaction, so their team can be expected to provide regular updates throughout the project to ensure that everything is proceeding as intended.

Those who need excavation or demolition services are welcome to contact Bryan Chapman of CNLC Construction for further details. Additional information regarding the company can be found on their official website, which also includes a gallery of the CNLC Construction’s past and current works.


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