Products of White Duck Outdoors Available on Walmart Website

Adventurous fans love to shop for the essentials required for their next planned trips out in nature. There is good news for those nature lovers who prefer to shop from Walmart and actively seek products of White Duck Outdoors. They can now buy them from the official Walmart website.

Salt Lake City, Utah: White Duck Outdoors have partnered with Walmart for making its popular and durable tents, accessories and other canvas-based gear available to Walmart’s buyers. While it seems to be a smart business venture, it is also a beneficial deal for the buyers. After all, Walmart is considered a trustworthy shopping portal, and White Duck Outdoors is an esteemed brand when it comes to outdoor cotton canvas tents.

White Duck Outdoors Products Now Available on Walmart

There is no doubt that this brand is known for its wall tents, Avalon bell tents, and Regatta bell tents, all made of canvas. It is also admired for its canvas allied products and other outdoor accessories. The outdoor enthusiasts can now buy these reputable products from Walmart without incurring any additional cost.

According to a spokesperson, "Whether planning for camping along the coast, bushwalking in a park, teaching adventurous skills, enjoying a gala, or backpacking overseas; there is a vast and diverse range for all types of adventurous gear."

Everything a prospective buyer needs to do is look for the desired product on Walmart’s official website using its search functionality or respective department menu. Once the product is found, it is displayed with price, quantity to select, delivery options, description, and customer reviews and ratings.

At present, buyers are likely to come across only a few tents and accessories. This is because the process of making all the items available is still ongoing.

According to the White Duck team, “We are still in the process of making all our tents and accessories available. However, this is not going to take much time; it is only a matter of a few days. Our team has a deep interest in getting outdoors, as the team themselves are curious travelers as a way to disconnect from our daily lives and reconnect with loved ones, family and nature. Thus, our products, that are made by a team that is just like our customers, are worthy perfect for getting outside for people of all experience levels. Now, we are planning to make them more accessible by making them available on different digital platforms.”

About White Duck Outdoors

White Duck Outdoors Inc. is one of the leading sellers of innovative and top-quality outdoor essentials for outdoor activites. It specializes in tents made up of canvas and accessories for camping, hiking, hunting, glamping, and other outdoor adventures. The team includes dynamic explorers who aim to make the adventurous experiences memorable by integrating flawless craftsmanship into all products. The products are supported by White Duck Cares, an end-to-end customer experience initiative. For more information, kindly visit

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