PROcru Shares Five Ways A Contractor Can Benefit From Business Management Software

PROcru, an on-premise business management solution for small to midsize construction companies, has released a blog post that lists the five main ways that business management software such as a CRM can help contractors improve their business.

The blog post begins with a statistic that says that most businesses lose around 10 to 25 percent of their customer base every year. The inability to hold on to one’s existing customers can be a great obstacle to a growing and thriving business as it then has to spend more marketing dollars and man-hours to find new customers to replenish the revenue that was lost. PROcru recommends the use of feature-rich and capable process management software to track the needs of the clients that are being currently served to hold on to their business.


The first advantage that a dedicated software solution offers is the increase in business efficiency. Software solutions can help businesses better manage customer retention, customer satisfaction, sales growth, and team dynamics. It can be used to track important details such as open estimates and proposals, key snippets of communication sent out to customers, potential projects that can be pitched to existing clients, and any other data points that can help build more fulfilling relationships with customers.

The second advantage that the blog post brings up is the ability to keep the entire operations team on the same page through the use of automated follow-ups and reminders to track critical milestones. When the competition in the market is stiff, any slip-ups in the business’s professionalism can hurt its reputation in the eyes of the client. By automating and scheduling high priority items the administration personnel move together as a singular entity, ensuring that no business is lost to human error.

CRMs are also a great way to track the progress of prospective clients down the business’s sales funnel. Closing a sale is a gradual process in which one party slowly communicates its needs to the service provider and warms up to the idea of entrusting them with its business. By meticulously tracking the customers’ needs and always having an answer ready for their most pressing questions, a service provider can endear itself to the client and secure their business. Ideally, the best CRM for contractors, such as the offering from PROcru, should allow for features such as lead generation, follow-ups, closing sales, and recording the close/win rate. It can even help a business pitch again to a client who may have rejected it once by sending them a second proposal that eliminates the mistakes that were made the first time around.

The blog post then says that CRMs make for a pleasant customer experience as the service provider always has all the information that it needs to better serve its customers at its fingertips. The speed of customer service is greatly increased as the sales or support team will never have to keep an important client hanging on the other end of the line as all the data needed to solve their problems will be instantly available. In essence, industry-leading customer service can only be provided if a business or contractor is backed up by industry-leading software solutions.

Finally, the blog post points out that the presence of a centralized database that collates data in a way that breeds cross-pollination of inferences and supercharges analytics will allow a business to truly learn and grow from its experiences and prevent it from making the same mistakes over and over again. Key metrics such as customer information, materials needs, scheduling, job costing, and many more such pieces of critical data can be streamlined to give decision-makers a bird’s-eye view of the entire business. This central repository of information when coupled with real-time functionality and alerts can also provide the transparency that allows team members to optimize resources and operate at maximum efficiency.

Readers can find out more about PROcru’s contractor CRM software solution by contacting the company directly at the phone number 612-751-9393. They are actively growing their business and accepting new clients.


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