Proactive Healthcare Recruiters Is Hiring For A Director Of Nursing Position In Gresham, OR

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters, a healthcare recruiting agency based in Virginia Beach, is hiring for a Director of Nursing position in Gresham, OR. Interested job seekers can apply here.

The position is full-time FLSA Executive Management exempt. It will entail direct supervision of consultants, managers and indirect supervision of caregivers. The Clinical/Client Care Manager will directly assist and report to the Director and will be responsible for ensuring high customer satisfaction. The ideal candidate must have the management skills to supervise the caregiver staff, clinical expertise in medical administration, and a solid track record with compliance with state and federal regulations.

The Director of Nursing will be responsible for organizing, analyzing, and adjusting client service systems, training, coaching, and evaluating junior customer care staff, managing the overall operational and development department to maximize resource usage, ensuring all patients receive timely care as per their individual needs, ensuring compliance with state and federal in-home care regulations, reporting to the Director with management suggestions and employee feedback, and ensuring the high standards of the company by providing quality care and customer service.

The Director of Nursing must possess the clinical skill set and strong leadership background to ensure the smooth deliverance of high-quality services. Other major skills required include extensive knowledge of Oregon In-Home Care Agency Licensing regulations and a current Oregon License as a Registered Nurse, strong decision-making skills, ability to communicate and implement creative, respectful, and effective solutions, proficiency in Microsoft Office as well as experience with health care software, ability to resolve conflicts and engage with clients to ensure their contentment, and excellent listening, writing, and overall communication skills to work easily with a large team.

The educational qualifications required for the position include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, a degree in business administration (preferred), a valid Oregon license as a Registered Nurse, and experience working as a manager or administrator in a private duty home care setting.

The company claims to offer a challenging and fulfilling work environment plus opportunities for continued growth. Other benefits for the position include a salary of $75,000 to $95,000 per year (depending on an individual’s expertise), cell phone allowance of $50/month, paid leave and 9 paid holidays per year, major medical and dental insurance, and 401k plan (to be decided upon employment), and continuing education, training, and professional development opportunities.

The organization that posted the job describes its mission as, “Our company goal is to build strong client relationships through cooperation, patience, and communication. We prioritize patient and family satisfaction through high care standards that are monitored, evaluated, and enforced.” Other organizations considering hiring a nurse recruiting agency can read more about Proactive Healthcare Recruiter’s services at

Proactive Healthcare Recruiters recruits healthcare executives, marketing executives, sales executives, nurses, healthcare IT, information management specialists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and physical therapists for the healthcare industry. It claims to work with its clients and the candidates to find those who are a good fit for the company culture while at the same time placing an emphasis on matching the hard skills that are absolutely essential for the position.

When asked about its nurse recruiting services, a spokesperson for the company says, “It can be really hard to find qualified candidates that are not only skilled in the requirements of a job but can also gel with their coworkers. It is a full-time job by itself that requires domain expertise and time. The difficult part is asking the right questions to glean the relevant information from the candidates being interviewed. The vetting process is very involved and can sap a lot of time and energy that the company can better spend on more immediate concerns by offloading the search to a recruiting agency. We fill that gap by offering our clients high-quality candidates that can make excellent employees. Visit our website or follow us on Instagram to find out more about our services.”


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