Pro-Veteran Group Deliberately Conducted Survey During the Most Divisive Months in Recent Times

Alexandria, Virginia – In a statement being distributed to its supporters, Coalition for American Veterans (a federal Political Action Committee) reported on a survey it conducted during the weeks right before and right after the controversial and divisive 2020 presidential election.

According to the statement, “callers made many millions of calls and successfully completed almost one million surveys (969,627 completed surveys, to be exact). Of those almost one million survey respondents, 93% affirmatively indicated their support for Veterans and issues of concern to Veterans.”

Analyzing the survey result, the pro-Veteran group noted: “No matter how divided America may be on other matters, ‘we the people’ are strongly united in support of those who have risked life and limb to protect our freedoms. That’s bad news for any politicians who fail to prioritize the interests, concerns, and needs of America’s heroes.”

Encouraged by the survey, the group pledged that it “will continue to hold America’s politicians (including the Biden-Harris Administration) accountable when they fail to properly honor, respect, and support America’s Veterans.”

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